Customized Lead List Services

Struggling to Find New Lead Opportunities?

You’ve contacted everyone in your contact list, reached out to referrals, followed up with all inbound leads and exhausted most other lead options. Now what?
What if you could give us a wish list of your ideal target customers and receive back a list of hundreds or even thousands with all of their contact information, social media handles, where they went to college, and even their favorite hobbies? If it’s data you want, we’ll try to find it. And we usually do.
That’s where our Customized Lead List Services come in using our data mining techniques. It’s your fountain of eternal youth, bringing you fresh, new leads, complete with comprehensive contact information and other data you indicate is critical that we can extract during the process.




What Is Data Mining Anyway?

It is a very unique strategy offered by Entreholic that typically offers one of the most cost effective ways to capture highly targeted leads by triangulating multiple data sources on the web.

How Does Entreholic Do It?

We’re experts in growing an entrepreneurial idea into a full blown business using lean and mean techniques. We know what proven, cost effective strategies will gett you in front of the ideal customers who could use your products and services. We work with you to better understand your target audience, your core business products and services, and design a targeted data mining campaign to get you the information you need to stay ahead of your competitors and in front of your customers.

Our data scraping for lead generation service can get you leads from conferences, trade shows, email lists, and other sources giving you access to potential customers you would not be able to reach otherwise. Chances are, if they attended a conference or trade show about a particular topic, you can then craft custom messages tied to that topic area to draw their interest and pitch them your product or service.

Couple our data scraping service with our email nurture strategies and you will be turning cold leads into warm leads, and warm leads into repeat customers in no time.


Entreholic is my go-to team anytime I need a creative digital strategy to launch a new business or attack a new market. They are always aware of the latest marketing technology tools and solutions to put us a step-ahead. Unlike other firms I’ve worked with, the Entreholic group understands the full digital marketing world and how to practically apply the right elements to deliver results.

Matt Granados

CEO, Altamaxx and Local Vendors Coalition

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