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Our goal is to develop a long-term relationship as your digital marketing partner. The marketing technology landscape is only getting more complicated and to be on top of your game you need to work with a firm that is committed to constant learning and your success. We want you to feel like we’re in the office right down the hall delivering results you can trust.

How can we offer this full range of services? Our model is structured where we develop highly competent talent in each discipline but you only have to interface with your Entreholic Marketing Strategy & Execution Specialist.

We have a dedicated page on our website for each of our services, but we we have provided a summary version below for you to quickly review our offerings. Below each short description you can click through to access the full detail page. 

After Learning Your Business and Needs, We Develop a Custom Digital Marketing Strategy and Execution Plan From Our Services Below


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Entreholic Marketing Strategy & Execution Specialist
  • Assignment of a Marketing Strategy & Execution Specialist program manager who will serve as the point person for all communication and will pilot all program implementation and maintenance
  • Weekly / Bi-weekly meetings with manager to ensure the digital marketing strategy is in alignment with the Client’s objectives and make adjustments accordingly
  • Periodic Value Enhancement Review to analyze overall program performance
Initial Discovery Meeting – Understanding Your Business

This is the kick-off to every Entreholic project where we gain a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of your business and develop our short and long-term game plan! We develop an initial strategy that will be adapted and built upon as necessary. During the processs, we complete the Entreholic Engagement Questionnaire (EEQ) covering these topics:

  • Business profile and structure
  • Product/Service Offering
  • Competitor Assessment
  • Customer Profiling and Persona Development
  • Marketing Structure and Activity
  • Sales and Lead Generation Processes
Lead Generation


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO: Initial Site Audit and Optimization

  • Keyword Identification: 1 to 8 key words depending on package
  • Website Analysis: Onsite technical audit, keyword research, backlink analysis
  • Initial Execution: Sitemap creation, copy revision, title tag optimization, meta tag optimization, h-tag optimization, anchor text optimization
  • SEO Setup: Strategy development, plugin installation, keyword tracking, Google Analytics Setup, Google Webmaster Setup, Bing Webmaster Setup.

SEO: Ongoing Maintenance

  • Content: 2 to 4 Skyscraper Blogs 1000 words each.
  • Link Building/PR: Linkbuilding outreach, 1 to4 high quality backlinks per moth.
  • Social Sharing: Social posting of blogs, promoting sponsored blogs, social media contests.
  • Ad Management: Facebook promoted posts, Twitter promoted tweets, Pinterest promoted pins.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: SEO reports prepared monthly to measure performance. It will indicate changes in rank position, change in traffic, backlinks acquired and blogs published.


Search Engine Marketing (Search Ads, Display Ads, Text Ads, Retargeting)

  • Platforms: Google, Bing, and Yahoo Advertising.
  • Existing Campaign Audit & Strategy: Strategic business audit, review of competitor’s strategy (keywords, links, ads) general keyword research, site code audit.
  • Ad Management & Landing Page: 5 to 15 ads per campaign across Google Search Ads, Google Display and Remarketing, AdWords bid management, one landing page.
  • Campaign Management: AdWords bid management, negative keyword management, A/B split testing, conversion tracking, and daily monitoring.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Detailed analytic reports prepared monthly. This report will consist of an in-depth analysis of the work and progress that has been completed throughout the month.


Email List Rental and Send Campaign

  • Determine target titles, industry, geographic location, and other available profile parameters to generate comprehensive double opt-in email campaign list
  • Coordinate with Client to complete email design and messaging
  • Submission of email to target audience and repeat send to all “opened” emails
  • Provision and review of email analytics for campaign performance


Custom Lead Lists: Target Data Mining for Lead Generation

  • Data mining brainstorming sessions for new lead opportunities (Up to 1 per month with 1000 records as driven by Client schedule).
  • Assembly of data from target source into spreadsheet format with as many data points as possible for use in email marketing, LinkedIn and other social targeting, outbound calling and direct mail.


Automated LinkedIn Lead Generation

  • Comprehensive LinkedIn profile management campaign of one staff profile which is a separate service from posting to the profile feed as part of Social Media Management.
  • Optimization of LinkedIn profile and media integration based on best practices.
  • Group targeting and participation based on lead profile industries and associations.
  • Reach out to 1000 potential connections with targeting based on industry, title, geography, company size and other available and relevant criteria.
  • Customized messaging to each connection outreach including initial invite message through connection response with targeted message to engage content.
Social Media Marketing & Advertising


Social Media Management

  • Comprehensive management of all social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn Company Page, Google+) in coordination with Client content and messaging preferences.
  • 5 to 7 posts/week through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, and up to four Linked In Profiles.
  • Content Mix is made up of four categories:
    • Self-Promotional (Client-focused with links to website, blogs, testimonials, etc).
    • Engaging (Drives engagement including humor, memes, videos, etc).
    • Educational (Articles and information on relevant topics or services that will educate followers/fans.
    • Local News (Develop and celebrate local presence/personality if applicable).
  • Engagement and outreach to various communities, groups, lists on different social channels to increase exposure, social presence and grow following.
  • Includes custom graphics creation and community building.
  • Communicate with internal staff to ensure all company information including news, Client successes, internal activities and other relevant activity are published to all channels.
  • Includes management up to $100 per month for “evergreen” Like campaigns with ad spend paid separately.
  • Monthly reports of social media performance including posting and engagement activity.
  • Management of at least one Facebook advertising campaign up to $5K spend per month (A/B Testing of up to 3 audience sets and 3 ads per campaign.
  • Advertising spend paid separately.
Web Design & Content Development


Website Development (New Sites or Re-designs)

New Website Design

  • Designed with convention, creativity and usability in mind to ensure visitors are impressed with the branding, can find the content they need, inquire about your services and take action.
  • Design of custom sitemap, content organization and user flows from all site entry pages aligned with user goals.
  • Coded to the highest of web design and usability standards including with SEO on-page optimization.
  • Setup of Google Analytics tracking and dashboards.

Re-Design of Existing Website

  • Improve the overall look and feel of an existing site, bringing it up-to-par with competitor sites, usability and user experience (UX) best practices.
  • Reorganize and restructure existing content into a more user-friendly site structure making content more search engine-friendly while positioning a framework for new content.
  • Ensure site is optimized for an outstanding user experience with the ultimate goal of lead conversion.


Website Maintenance & Management

  • General ongoing website edits and updates as needed by the Client.
  • Minor adjustments in navigation menu and site functionality.
  • Managing and adding content updates for blog posts, testimonials, and news sections.
  • Updates to any CMS platforms such as WordPress.
  • Major website changes to content and features will be priced as a separate project.


Google Analytics and Dashboards

  • Install and setup Google Analytics tracking on your website.
  • Create custom Google Analytics Dashboards to track site traffic volume and sources, pages with most/least amount of time spent, click-through rates, goals and conversions, social media traffic, most popular blogs, traffic by device type and more based on collaboration with Client needs.


Landing Page Strategy and Development

  • Developed for specific email campaigns, paid advertising or other promotional events to a dedicated page with specific messaging and call to action.
  • Leveraging target customer profile and entry point source, collaborate with Client regarding the messaging plan for the page and specific call to action.
  • Assess all client collateral and digital assets available to incorporate into landing page design as a key lead magnet offer.
  • Develop two architecture layout options for the page with wireframes incorporating the messaging.
  • Two revisions of the landing page.


Content Creation

  • Develop blog calendar in line with business strategy.
  • Write and post up to 4 SEO targeted blogs per month based on Client key word targets or other messaging objectives.
  • Assist with development and distribution of seasonal holiday email campaigns (up to 5 per year).
  • Email nurture campaign brainstorming, creation and implementation (Up to 1 per month and 4 to 6 emails per campaign).
  • White Paper, Thought Leadership Guide, Case Study, Infographic, Lead Magnet or similar content pieces: Topic brainstorming, writing, and graphic design with 2 to 4 page length and up to 1,250 words.
Digital Public Relations


Digital Public Relations

  • Develop distribution list of key contacts at target publications and send any relevant company news or press releases to those contacts as produced.
  • Assist with writing at least 1 press release per month (1000 words or less).
  • Setup of account for Client to load and distribute press releases or other free or paid channels chosen by Client.