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What does your ideal employee look like?

Do they have a college degree? 10+ years of experience…or something else?

If you’re like most business owners, you’d agree that talent can come in so many different packages. The key is to find someone with unlimited potential and a thirst to excel.

That’s why when we dug up this cool hiring tool, we had to get this over to you.

If you’re looking for the “perfect employee”, look no further than…

Addictive Tool Name: GapJumpers

Product Boosting Category: Hiring & Recruiting

Website: https://www.gapjumpers.me/

What’s the deal?

With GapJumpers you can use performance audition challenges to evaluate talent on their work performance rather than keywords on a resume. The perfect employee may come from a background you’d least expect, and still have the necessary skills to be successful in your business or industry. This innovative tool helps you avoid discarding desirable talent that does not fit your industry’s pre-conceived notions of what talent should “look” like or what experience they should come from.

How much does it cost?

Request a free demo here. Customized pricing is available depending on your hiring needs.

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Here’s to building an amazing team!

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