Digital Marketing Strategy, Messaging, & Growth Hacking

Topic: Digital Marketing Strategy, Messaging, & Growth Hacking

This session will provide a summary overview of each topic below. General frameworks and infographics will be reviewed along with specific case studies and examples from each category. You will be provided with a set of action plan worksheets to complete during the session along with a cheat sheet of tools and resources!

The Digital Marketing Ecosystem  The digital marketing landscape involves many components. We will review each element of the ecosystem and explore how they feed into and support one another.
Marketing Automation How do you define marketing automation and how do you effectively use any of the available platforms to effectively acquire new prospects, transition them through purchase and maximize lifetime value.
Messaging Matters All of the digital and traditional communication tools you may use (email, social media, white papers, voicemails, text messaging, etc) do not matter unless you are sending the right message to be educational, informative, humorous and authentic.
Data Mining/Scraping  Understand this cost-effective growth hacking technique and how it can be used to generate very targeted prospects, fill data gaps with existing lists, and connect with industry thought leaders. Data is everywhere!
Nurture Emails  Learn how to craft them with the correct the mix of messaging to earn the right to stay in a prospect’s or customer’s inbox for the long-term.
Outsourcing  Graphic design, content writers, logos, telemarketing, data mining, and more! It can all be done cost effectively and with high quality but learn the right technique to vet vendors and get the most bang for your buck!
About the Presenter

Brad is a career entrepreneur who has started or co-founded B2B and B2C businesses in both service and physical product categories across multiple industries with a domestic and international presence. His most recent company, Entreholic, provides an affordable, entrepreneurial approach to outsourced digital and traditional marketing services for small to medium businesses. He also enjoys teaching on the topic and conducts educational seminars throughout the year. Brad also serves on the board of the Entrepreneurs Organization where he chairs the Accelerator Program to help emerging companies achieve one million in annual revenue within three years. He is a native of Atlanta and lives in Sandy Springs with his wife, and inspirational third grade teacher, Cindy.

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