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Unique Ways to Rapidly Grow Your Business and Reduce Costs with Proven Examples from a Lifetime Entrepreneur

You will leave with a set of tools and resources to increase leads, sales and profits with less time and money

We live in a different world and there are faster, more efficient ways to grow your business and get things done that you might not know existed!  Businesses have no choice but to leverage time, money and resources to survive and grow.

Brad consistently receives 9 out of 10 ratings for this workshop that is NOT based on theory. It is taught through actual examples he and his team have implemented to grow is own companies including how to get over $10,000 worth of marketing done for your business for less than $500. A sample of topics covered include:

  • Over 30 unique and cheap (often free)  tools to fuel your business growth
  • Generate thousands of highly targeted prospects in the next 7 days – using a simple tactic that works in virtually any market niche.
  • Empowering staff to maximize their time and capabilities.
  • Leveraging the new workstyle economy: How Brad uses a team of  freelancers and virtual assistants to get incredible quality work done very low cost and fast
  • Growth hacking strategies to optimize your sales funnel,  generate inexpensive, targeted leads and close more deals
  • Other creative tactics and tools to get more done with less

This is not a course on theory or concepts. It is based on concrete systems with case studies that work. You will leave with actionable information you can put into place immediately!