Local podcast hosts live session

Local podcast Mastermind Your Launch host Stefanie Sheehan, left, conducts a live interview with Brad Stevens, CEO of Entreholic, a marketing firm.
ALPHARETTA, Ga.  In the world of business startups, the key to success can often be who you know, not what you sell. With that in mind, Mastermind Your Launch, a local weekly podcast, began as a means to teach entrepreneurs the ins and outs of getting started. The host, Stefanie Sheehan, held a live recording Nov. 16 at Alpharetta’s Mugs on Milton coffeehouse. She interviewed eight local entrepreneurs throughout the day.
Each week, the podcast features interviews Sheehan has with local entrepreneurs and startups to figure out what worked and what didn’t, giving new businesses someone to consult with their own problems.
Guest Brad Stevens, of Entreholic, a marketing firm, said the podcast was important.
It’s entrepreneurs supporting other entrepreneurs, he said. There are lots of people talking about starting their business, but taking action is important.
That action can be hampered by a lack of knowledge about important aspects of creating and running a business.
Which is where Mastermind Your Launch comes in.
Sheehan said the live recordings were better than her typical interviewing format  over Skype from her home.
I like to be around people, she said. I l love interviewing, but here I can look them in the eye and see their reactions and smiles.
The guests also got something out of it, she said. They were able to meet and mingle and network with each other throughout the day.
When asked if she would do another series of live recordings, Sheehan said she would.
For more on the Mastermind Your Launch podcast, look for it on iTunes or Stitcher, or online at mastermindyourlaunch.com.

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To listen to the Full Mastermind Your Launch podcast interview with Brad Stevens Click Here: https://mastermindyourlaunch.com/2015/12/brad-stevens