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I hope things for you are as exciting as they have been for Mastermind Your Launch. As you know, October has been all about the EVENTS and bringing entrepreneurs together in a powerfully, connected community. I am thrilled to announce a new partnership that’s formed to help achieve that on an even bigger scale.

MailChimp has come on board as the featured sponsor for next Thursday’s Marketing Mastery event and I could not be happier with this partnership. (As you may have noticed, this email is lovingly crafted for you using their user-friendly platform. I LOVE what they’re doing.)

In light of their generous support, I have been inspired to make a bold announcement.
Marketing Mastery is now a FREE event for ambitious entrepreneurs to catapult their brand and business.
Why make this decision? Simple: My mission is to create success stories and this just felt like the right thing to do.

Tickets will go fast and this offer will close once we reach the room capacity. Grab your ticket and share with anyone you know that loves driving new momentum in their business.
Click here to save your spot!
Who is the event for?

Business owners using social media to engage clients and drive leads
Entrepreneurs that understand the importance of branding and are looking for new ways to STAND OUT in the market place
New entrepreneurs that need help determining the critical next steps in their business so that they generate consistent cash flow faster
Established business owners looking to leverage online tools and automation to drive the next level of success in their business
Anyone looking to connect with Atlanta’s industry leaders and key influencers
Click here to save your spot!

If you’re on the fence, I’d like to leave you with this message that I woke up to in my Facebook feed from a member of my mastermind program.

While on a Mastermind call tonight, I was reminded that less than three months ago I was on my journey to starting my own company. I’m still early on my path- the part most people never see-but I’m in awe of the passion and speed I’ve been able to maintain while working.
The reason? This woman. This idea. This company.
If you’re wanting to start a company or trying to build one, this is where you need to be. If you just have an idea- just follow her till you are ready. Mastermind Your Launch is a game changer.

Mastermind Your Launch is creating success stories and I hope that yours will be one of them.

To your launch!