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Animated Videos

Video is king on the internet. And it doesn’t have to be expensive. Creating an animated video, quickdraw video, or even converting your raw footage into an incredible piece with music, animgation intros and more can be done for $150 or less.

We’ll show you specific case studies of each type, best practices for scripting and length and, as always, give you the exact vendor and freelancers you can use to get it done ASAP.

A Quick Example

The Need

We wanted a short animated video to explain our marketing services to small businesses that we could use on our website, social media, email marketing, etc.

The Entreholic Solution

In just 5 days we found a freelancer to write the script and another to create the full animation. They were awesome to work with and GREAT communicators. We only had to do 2 rounds of easy edits and it only cost us $126! Then we wanted a slightly adjusted version to target marketing directors and he did it for $27. Want to see the final product? Click here or the image below

The Need

We wanted to get some “animated” introductions completed using our logo and I wanted several options to choose from.

The Entreholic Solution

In just 2 days we found a freelancer to create 25 different animation options using our logo. It cost us $15.75. Granted…some were a bit cheesy but we ended up loving the last one in the reel and solved the problem. Wait to the end and check it out. For $15.75 investment….not bad! Want to see the optons they sent us? Click here or the image below

Why We Created This Module:

Video is critical and most people think it costs a fortune and takes forever to get it done with an agency or on their own. You need it for your business and it’s one of the most cost effective ways to build your brand on social media, your website and through email. We’ll show you the exact steps and process to get it done for $100 to $150 and give you the contact information of our freelancers to do it!

You Will Receive

  • Case Studies
    • Step-by-step, real life case studies of how we have used freelancers to create whiteboard videos, animated videos, live footage videos with integrated music and graphics, and more
    • How to get a writer who specializes in video scripts to handle all the writing
    • Free and cheap tools we use to communicate very easily during the editing process.
    • And more…
  • Tools
    • Unique communication tools we use to quickly instruct freelancers on making edits so you can get your exact final product in just a few rounds of edits
    • Free and cheap tools to create your own “screen cast” videos for product demonstrations and personliazed videos for leads and prospects
  • Vendors to use
    • Contact information for a top vendors we have used to execute all the key tasks
  • Community
    • Access to the Entreholic Expert Outsource Training Private Facebook Group
    • Ask questions, connect with colleagues and share your successes
  • Bonuses
    • Complimentary copy of the Entreholic Top 200 Tools to Fuel Your Business Growth
    • Addictive Tools Series Subscription
    • Digital copy of Entreholic Magazine

Your Module Subscription Also Includes:

Weekly Support Video Series

Enrollment in the Entreholic Weekly Addictive Tools Series


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Private Facebook Group Access

  • Post Questions
  • Meet Fellow Students
  • Make Connections
  • Share Your Success


When You Finish You Will…

  • Have a very confident understanding of how critical video can be for your business in multiple applications
  • Feel comfortable taking the immediate first steps to get all types of videos created for your business rapidly and very low cost
  • Feel supported by the Entreholic team and community of other participants to answer all of your questions along the way

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About Your Instructor

Brad is a lifetime entrepreneur and has committed himself to the discipline, creativity and constant innovation required to achieve success. He has helped build multiple seven figure businesses in numerous domestic and international markets including B2B, B2C, physical products, software, and professional services.

His most recent company, Entreholic, provides an affordable, entrepreneurial approach to helping small to medium businesses implement and execute innovative growth strategies. Entreholic is also the creator of the Top 200 Tools To Fuel Your Business Growth and the weekly Addictive Tools Series. Brad also enjoys teaching on the topic and conducts educational seminars throughout the year.

Brad serves on the board of the Atlanta Chapter of the Global Entrepreneurs’ Organization where he co-chairs the Accelerator Program to help emerging companies achieve $1 Million in annual revenue within three years. He is a native of Atlanta and lives in Sandy Springs with his daughter and wife, an inspirational third grade teacher. Brad graduated Magna Cum Laude from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania with concentrations in Finance and Marketing.

Click video below for a brief explanation from creator and founder Brad Stevens

About the Program: Growth and Profitability

Unlike anything ever created from 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, the online Expert Outsource Training are each 15 minutes or less and give you proven examples, the tools you need and the vetted vendor to get critical business tasks done rapidly and low cost. Don’t see a topic you need? We’ll create it for you. And you get access to our Private Facebook Community to ask questions, interact with other participants and share your successes. We’ve made it incredibly affordable for just $39 per month. Cancel anytime! Click here to see all module descriptions or click here to get access now!

“I’ll tell you, it blew me away because all the things he talked about are all the challenges that we’re looking at right now as a growing company. And he just really nailed, hit it out of the park and gave us the resources we needed to answer our questions”

– Ples Bruce, Founder, Venture Head

“Brad, my business partner and I loved your presentation! It was one of the best I’ve attended in regards to actionable information provided. I have spent most of my time since then implementing the strategies you shared with us.”

– Lauren S. , CEO, LD Studios

“Wow. Brad Stevens just dropped some great knowledge. As a business owner I think I know a lot and then I experience a course like this and I really get far more motivated about growing my own business and how to scale it.”

– Fred Spring, CEO, 98toGo

“A tremendous amount of my time is invested in marketing whether it’s social media, content development, or branding.
Doing the nitty-gritty works is very challenging for me and Brad has really opened up my eyes to how to leverage my time through freelancers to do the things that I am not wired to do.”

– Doug Grady, President, Doug Grady, LLC

“What I’m loving is that there are tools and resources and information that I didn’t even know existed. That I can immediately implement into my business to save time and money. I love outsourcing skills or tasks that let me do the things that are revenue-producing for my company.”

– Anita Davis, Founder, Business2Banker

“My father and I don’t have formal business experience so we have struggled as we’ve grown the last two years. I’m excited about what I’ve learned about outsourcing to save us time and energy. I’m particularly excited to utilize the platforms he shared for market research and automating CRM tools. I have definitely learned the [resources] we can implement today, right now, to grow our business including some real case examples.”

– Tim Ho, Co-Founder, BioReactor Sciences

“I really enjoyed this course with Brad. He talked about a lot of different avenues of business and so many different offerings that we can use to grow. I thought it was awesome. I really enjoyed the time.”

– Eric Odom, VP of Sales, PhiSlam

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important?

Datamining is one of the most innovative, low cost strategies to get data you need to drive revenue right now.

What can I expect?

A high energy, amazing experience that will make a substantial impact in your business with a 60 day guarantee.

Are there pre-requisites?

No pre-requisites at all.  You can take it independent of any other courses. 

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Just click the “Enroll” button and you can pay by CC or PayPal.