Kind Words

We are humbled by the kind words shared by our highly satisfied customers. A few we would like to share.

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“All in-house marketing personnel will testify that finding the right marketing agency is tough if not near impossible. We started working with Entreholic in 2015 with LinkedIn Optimizations and Connections. Since then, we have expanded our services with Entreholic to more monthly recurring services rather than just one off services. The Entreholic team has been responsive, knowledgeable, and professional. If you’re looking for a firm who understands the challenges of SMB in-house marketing teams, Entreholic has you covered."

Esther W. Kim 
Director of Marketing, XS International, Inc.

The Entreholic team has a detailed grasp on every aspect of the digital marketing world, and are able to share that with their clients in a way those of us new to the space can actually understand. Their commitment to understanding our industry, and in what areas our company was already excelling, gave them the ability to tailor their proficiency to us rather than providing the standard, blanket marketing ideas we had seen from other marketers. Working with, and learning from the Entreholic team is an opportunity we are extremely grateful to have received.

Melissa Burger
Affinity Program Coordinator, CardConnect

I am happy to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of the team at Entreholic. I have been working with them for over a year now and have been extremely pleased with their dedication to providing the best service possible and knowledge of the tasks at hand. From the initial full revamp of our website to our current digital marketing launch, they have been exceptional in learning and understanding our target market along with the services we provide. Even further, they have worked alongside my team to help determine the best marketing approaches to bring in the desired results in a quick and efficient manner. I have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone. They are dependable, knowledgeable, dynamic, and resourceful. I have no doubt that you will be highly satisfied with the results of any task they are given.

Jerry Wartko, President
President, Capital City Electrical Services, Inc.

As a serial entrepreneur with ventures in the real estate, software and financial services industries, I was excited to move into the e-commerce space. I had identified a great product, had a clear vision and what I thought was a robust execution plan. What I did not have was a good understanding and appreciation for digital marketing and the astounding opportunities it would afford to scale this new business.

The team at Entreholic opened a whole new world of possibilities with a strategic plan that has blown me away. I now have over 28K followers on Facebook in our first 3 months along with hundreds of leads and orders before even launching our website! Their pragmatic go-to-market strategy with a heavy emphasis on sales automation is also enabling us to build relationships with our leads and customers for upsell and cross sell opportunities in the future. I was looking for a recurring revenue model and Entreholic has helped us develop a model that is far exceeding my expectations.

With their phenomenal guidance around social media, sales & marketing automation, outbound marketing and affiliate partnerships, we are set for success! Thank you Entreholic! We look forward to continue working with you for many more years to come!

David Lefkovits
Serial Entrepreneur and Founder, Niche Digital Brands &

Not only is the Entreholic team very knowledgeable in many marketing areas, they are always willing to spend time with me to help me analyze my situation and help determine the appropriate path for me to follow. The world of marketing is vast and confusing especially in the digital age of today. Their breadth of expertise is very helpful in that we can take a big picture look at lots of options and then choose the right strategy that works for me. They have a very efficient team and are able to get quite a lot accomplished in a short amount of time.

Christian Dodder
General Manager & Owner, Fire Protections Services, LLC

“The staff at Entreholic have an absolute, genuine desire to help our business be successful. They have always been extremely enthusiastic about sharing any piece of their knowledge with me, the owner, or any member of the staff at any time. Their work ethic is unsurpassed. We have never been in a position with their team where we have asked them to jump on board to enhance a particular project that we are working on and been disappointed. They have always engulfed themselves completely in anything that we have requested assistance on. Let me also add that their staff are ever evolving as they continue to study their own craft. They continually are reaching out and studying any new perspectives on business and are always willing to introduce them wholeheartedly to myself and our staff.

Their quality of work is way above standard and we owe a number of our systems, production, increase in revenue, and efficient business practices to Entreholic’s assistance. We hope to continue working with them for many years to come as they have expressed to us, through their hard work and commitment, that they want nothing more but success for our business. They have proven that time and time again. Always willing to talk, always available, always willing to train. We appreciate all of their efforts beyond compare.”

Christina grice 
Financial Controller

"I was introduced to Entreholic by our CEO. After our first 1-hour meeting with them, I was inspired about marketing and marketing management like I had not been in years. They bring an approach to the table that is innovative, creative and truly scalable – no matter how large or small your marketing team is. There are many tens of thousands of marketing consultants and agencies out there, and I have been truly impressed with only a few. The Entreholic team is definitely at the top of my list."

Andrew hughes 
Director of Marketing, Crown & Caliber

“Entreholic is my go-to team anytime I need a creative digital strategy to launch a new business or attack a new market. They are always aware of the latest marketing technology tools and solutions to put us a step-ahead. Unlike other firms I’ve worked with, the Entreholic group understands the full digital marketing world and how to practically apply the right elements to deliver results.”

matt granados 
CEO, Altamaxx and Local Vendors Coalition

“I’ve never encountered any other organization with the depth of knowledge about customer acquisition via digital marketing as the Entreholic team. They bring together a perfect combination of high-level strategic focus on a company’s goals blended with the actual knowledge of what it takes to execute it flawlessly. They are masters of creative strategy, project management, and cost control to serve as the ultimate secret weapon for any company seeking to acquire customers or build relationships cost-effectively.”

johnson cook 
Technology Fund Investor