Linked In Lead Generation

Does this pain point sound familiar?

“I hear LinkedIn is a great tool for generating leads, but I don’t have time to optimize my profile, find connections, join groups, and write all the messaging back and forth. I need help!

Are you spending countless hours
trying to generate a few fruitful leads?

Do you feel like you’re always searching for new clients, without any

Or, are you simply interested in growing your business and reaching a new customer base without adding more hours to your already busy day?

If you could find a reputable marketing team that could do the heavy lifting for you, generate solid warm leads, and get your business’ name out there in front of millions of prospective customers – would you partner with them?

At Entreholic, that is exactly what we can do for your business. We specialize in all things marketing and have a proven LinkedIn marketing service that will increase your leads, without increasing your work hours. It’s the fresh, new marketing solution you have been looking for and is one of the few known ways to seamlessly grow your business without breaking the bank.

Whatever your marketing needs, our comprehensive LinkedIn campaignservice will get you the results you need and still give you the control to craft your company’s message. Through Entreholic’s LinkedIn lead generation campaigns, you’ll reach the key decision makers within your target audience, the very first time. No cold calling or hard selling required! We partner with you to build your business network, custom fitting our approach to your business model. Unlike any other type of campaign, your network grows organically, as we help you target more leads and invite more potential clients to connect with your company. We’ll optimize your LinkedIn profile, handle all of your connection building, personally generate messaging (no robots), and much more.It’s like putting your LinkedIn on autopilot,freeing up your time to pursue customers and close sales.


Here’s How It Works…

  • We use your original profile or make a new one – your profile is used as the voice of your company for marketing and lead generation purposes.
  • You identify your ideal prospects – ensuring we reach the right people, the first time.
  • We optimize your profile – making it keyword rich and SEO friendly.
  • We add targeted groups – to maximize your potential to reach your target audience.
  • We invite your list of targeted prospects – using a personalized invite to boost acceptance rates.
  • We follow up with all new contacts – with a warm welcome message, building rapport and credibility.
  • Warm leads, enquiries and meeting requests delivered to your inbox – it’s that easy!
  • We export all connections and give you weekly reports – so you can track progress and stay in complete control of the campaign.

The power of LinkedIn goes far beyond just one campaign. Even weeks after the campaign is complete you will likely continue to receive new connections and leads as your network keeps growing organically. Plus, you can always reach out to your current contacts again, and again, at anytime, to re-pitch your services or clue them in on new promotions.

Warm the Leads with LinkedIn

When you send a LinkedIn connection request, your prospect will naturally view your LinkedIn profile, company website, and then make a decision to chose to accept you in their network. Within a few minutes you’ve warmed them up to start a dialogue to land a sale. With our proven LinkedIn strategy we will craft emails that pitch your services, telling clients “what’s in it for them” and what you have to offer.

We avoid the spammy sales approach, leading to:

Higher views of your LinkedIn profile
Connection acceptance rates of
of all contact s visiting your company’s website
20-30 warm leads and 3-12 meeting requests with one campaign

Top 5 LinkedIn Campaign Rules We Live By

Partner with Entreholic and we promise that:
  • All messages are sent during your business hours to maximize conversions.
  • Any message we send is in compliance with LinkedIn’s messaging requirements.
  • We will work in your original profile – if you don’t have one we promise to create one that will generate results.
  • You receive every email, own all the data from campaigns, and all information is confidential.
  • Messages will be personally created – not robot-generated.

Why Use LinkedIn?

With over 433 millionusers and counting,LinkedIn is the idealonline platform totarget high value,senior level contacts.In fact, LinkedIn’saudience is one ofthe most influential,affluent, and educatedon the Internet. This means you are able to position your company in front of potential clients that may be looking for and can afford your specialized services and products.



CXOs and VPs

Business Decision Makers

Reach (in millions)



NY Times3.6


Average HHI

HHI $100K+

Reach (in millions)



NY Times4.3



Business Decision Makers

Reach (in millions)



NY Times7.6

Very few other online marketing methods guarantee you such a direct route to these senior level prospects. More common marketing methods such as cold calling, SEO, PPC, and traditional email marketing are time consuming and often generate mixed results and low ROI.LinkedIn provides high quality, predictable leads that are hand targeted by you, requiring less time to produce measurable results. Based on your target market, the LinkedIn specialists at Entreholic will help you craft a campaign to target the right people,every time, with no resources wasted..

LinkedIn Considered Top Social Network for Lead Generation


By leveraging the credibility of LinkedIn,you’ll be able to connect with executiveswho would otherwise be out of reach,significantly boosting your visit toconversion rate.

If it wasn’t for LinkedIn, where else on the web can you get unprecedented access to over 3.4 million business decision makers everyday?

LinkedIn – Unlocking Your Sales Potential

LinkedIn – the leading social media tool to target your customers, with minimal effort. By design, LinkedIn offers:

High Readership Rates

LinkedIn reminds users when a message is left unread. New leads are more likely to accept invitations and respond to personally crafted messages. When you contact new prospects on Facebook or Twitter your message may stay there for months – unread.

Connection Credibility

LinkedIn is a highly respected business network that does not tolerate spam which makes your message much more credible. When you contact a new lead they are more receptive to accept your invitation to connect because of LinkedIn’s stringent communication policies.

Guaranteed Message Delivery

Your messages will be delivered and not land in the Spam folder. LinkedIn’s domain is on most email white lists,guaranteeing you that your message will be in front of key decision makers

Business Networking

Strategically identify potential new leads and grow your business network with crafted messages to warm up your leads, making the sale more personable and more effective each time.

Organic Growth

Adding over 15 million new users each quarter, LinkedIn is poised for growth,giving you access to new leads everyday, with no added work on your part.