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You know how sometimes you learn things in life or business that just change the game. Well this has been one of those days for me. Thank you. Russell S., Owner, IT Services Business

Brad Stevens, CEO of Entreholic and lifetime entrepreneur, conducts this high energy, interactive online course where he shares his direct experience in using the Entreholic Leverage System to grow his own companies and helps you develop a plan to realize the same high impact benefits in your role or company.

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Are you dealing with these challenges?

  • There is NEVER enough time to get it all done
  • We need lower cost, higher quality leads
  • There are so many new marketing and sales technologies coming out every day but which ones do I use?
  • We have an email marketing or marketing automation system but we are only barely using it’s potential
  • I know we’re losing ground every day we’re not doing SEO, social media, videos and other digital marketing but I don’t know where to start and I can’t afford what I’ve been quoted by agencies
  • We need content for blogs, brochures, press releases and white papers but we don’t have time to do it internally and don’t have other resources
  • We need to be making more outbound sales calls but we struggle finding the right staff who can perform

Top Reasons People Highly Recommend This Course

  • It’s All About YOU – YOU are the central focus of this experience. Whether you are starting a business, growing a business, building your career or running a non-profit, the entire purpose of this course is to equip you with the mindset, skills, resources and confidence to achieve your goals. My team and I are here to support you in making sure that happens and want to earn your respect as a trusted advisor.
  • Incredible Value and Content Unlike Any Other Course – Unlike many educational experiences that are one-dimensional, this course equips you with a mindset, knowledge and a tremendous set of broad tactical skills and resources that you can apply in many areas of your business and personal life
  • Based on Actual Experience with Concrete Examples and Case Studies – In this course you are not going to learn theory or general concepts. You are going to learn from my direct experience over the last 20 years using these systems in starting companies in multiple industries with hard-hitting exact step-by-step case studies and examples.
  • Immediately Actionable – ACTION is everything. This course was designed so that you can take the information and immediately make an impact wherever your biggest pain point may be.
  • Lifelong Skills For Both Business and Personal Life – We are going to re-define how you think about getting things done…forever. This course will teach you short-term tactics you can immediately implement but it is also designed long-term “way of life” skills you can use for years to come.
  • More Than a Course – Accountability, Community and Support – This experience is way more than a course. We want it to be the start of our long-term relationship of support, engagement and celebration in your journey… as we do it together! We’re going to work hard together, but we bring humor, education, excitement to this experience and want you to do the same!

Tell Me About the Instructor?


Before I invest my time into anything, I want to know it is worthwhile. That is why, out of respect for you, I share my personal background to earn your trust as an instructor and supporter. Here is a little about me…

Brad is a lifetime entrepreneur and has committed himself to the discipline, creativity and constant innovation required to achieve success. He has helped build multiple seven figure businesses in numerous domestic and international markets including B2B, B2C, physical products, software, and professional services.

His most recent company, Entreholic, provides an affordable, entrepreneurial approach to helping small to medium businesses implement and execute innovative growth strategies. Entreholic is also the creator of the Top 200 Tools To Fuel Your Business Growth and the weekly Addictive Tools Series. Brad also enjoys teaching on the topic and conducts educational seminars throughout the year.

Brad serves on the board of the Atlanta Chapter of the Global Entrepreneurs’ Organization where he co-chairs the Accelerator Program to help emerging companies achieve $1 Million in annual revenue within three years. He is a graduate of LEAD Atlanta Program, serves on the High Point Civic Association, and co-founded an annual charity event for breast cancer.

Brad is a native of Atlanta and lives in Sandy Springs with his daughter and wife, an inspirational third grade teacher. Brad graduated Magna Cum Laude from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania with concentrations in Finance and Marketing.

Trusted Organizations Inviting Us to Teach

I am fanatical about teaching this content and I look forward to working with you!


Private Workshops


Conference Sessions


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Brad and the Entreholic Team interview business owners nationwide and constantly research year-round to publish an annual report called the “Top 200 Tools to Fuel Your Business Growth” and author the weekly Entreholic Addictive Tools Series

Special Bonus Never Offered Before

Our “black book” with the full listing of the exact freelancers we use on one of the top freelancer platforms.

You will have the list of freelancers we use in these categories so you can get started immediately with your projects!


  • Content – Proof Reading
  • Content Writing – Blog Posts
  • Content Writing – Ebooks
  • Directory Submission
  • Graphic Design – Facebook Ads & Covers
  • LinkedIn – Content Sharing
  • Pay Per Click – Keyword Research
  • Photo Editing and Design
  • Sales Page Testing
  • SEO – Keyword Research
  • Social Media – Retweets
  • Video – Animation
  • Video – Editing
  • Video – Intro Animations
  • Video – Whiteboard Animation
  • Website – Landing Page Creation

And More…

What You’ll Learn

Welcome and Introduction to the Leverage Mindset

  • Course orientation and expectations
  • Why the most successful individuals know how to leverage time, money and resources
  • How to shatter the growth ceiling using automation and delegation

Understanding the New Economy of Getting Things DONE.

  • Review of the exploding outsource economy and why you can trust it
  • Address the misconceptions about freelancers and outsourcing
  • Advantages to outsourcing and the new way to execute

Summary Review of What Can Be Outsourced and Platform Review

  • What platforms you can use to find the right freelancers
  • Learn all about the tasks you can outsource and ones you never even imagined you could
  • Understand which site is best for which task

30+ Video Case Studies and Examples

  • Deep dive into real world case study examples of what has been outsourced and for what cost
  • Proven step by step view into how to do multiple tasks
  • The secret hidden tricks you never knew about are revealed

This is one of my favorite modules where we review eye-opening case studies on these topics and more:

  • Custom Data Assembly for Leads, Influencers, Media Contacts and More
  • Custom Data Assembly for Administrative and Personal Tasks
  • Marketing Research and Intelligence
  • Email List Building and Creating Nurture Series
  • Video Production
  • Telemarketing/Outbound Phone Prospecting for Leads and Market Testing
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • And more!!

Determining What You Should Outsource and Why

  • Walk-through of our 85% rule and time-money formula to prioritize what you should outsource and why
  • A step by step walkthrough to help you pick your first task to outsource
  • Figure out all the areas in your business you need to automate and delegate

Turn-Key Systems for Building, Organizing and Managing Your Freelancer Team

  • Organizational system we use to identify, hire and manage a freelancer team
  • Pricing guidelines so you automatically know what price ranges you should expect for each task
  • Pre-written job descriptions, so all you have to do is copy and paste when posting your freelancer positions
  • Communication tools that you can use to help streamline and efficiently manage your freelancer team and their projects

Free or Inexpensive Automation and Growth Tools

  • Learn the secrets to saving tons of time with these powerful automation and growth tools
  • Discover how to automate your social media so you have quality industry posts going out for your network daily
  • Save hours of time on website and graphic design direction with this one handy tool

What You’ll Learn- Bonus Packs

4 Expert Guides

  • Exact template with headers we give to freelancers for datamining for lead lists and influencers
  • How to craft the perfect nurture emails to keep your warm leads hooked
  • Outsourcing quick start worksheet to get started today!
  • How to create your own home video studio for under $250

Entrepreneur Interviews, Podcasts and Books

  • Interviews with entrepreneurs who started from scratch and used freelancers to re-define their business
  • List of the top 3 books and 3 podcasts to take outsourcing to the next level

Process Maps and Bonus Case Studies

  • Buyer Follow Up Email Process Map
  • Webinar Email Process Maps
  • Customer Service Process Maps
  • Bonus Case Study: How I got my competitor’s entire customer list in 4 days for less than $100
  • Bonus Case Study: How I got over 25% response rate from top influencers in my market with cold email campaign

Growth Hacking Challenge & Private Facebook Group

  • Most creative freelancer growth hack challenge each quarter with prizes
  • Private Facebook Peer Collaboration Groups

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Special Bonus Never Offered Before

Our “black book” with the full listing of the exact freelancers we use on one of the top freelancer platforms.

You will have the list of freelancers we use in these categories so you can get started immediately with your projects!


  • Content – Proof Reading
  • Content Writing – Blog Posts
  • Content Writing – Ebooks
  • Directory Submission
  • Graphic Design – Facebook Ads & Covers
  • LinkedIn – Content Sharing
  • Pay Per Click – Keyword Research
  • Photo Editing and Design
  • Sales Page Testing
  • SEO – Keyword Research
  • Social Media – Retweets
  • Video – Animation
  • Video – Editing
  • Video – Intro Animations
  • Video – Whiteboard Animation
  • Website – Landing Page Creation

And More…

Kind Words

“I’ll tell you, it blew me away because all the things he talked about are all the challenges that we’re looking at right now as a growing company. And he just really nailed, hit it out of the park and gave us the resources we needed to answer our questions”

– Ples Bruce, Founder, Venture Head

“Brad, my business partner and I loved your presentation! It was one of the best I’ve attended in regards to actionable information provided. I have spent most of my time since then implementing the strategies you shared with us.”

– Lauren S. , CEO, LD Studios

“Wow. Brad Stevens just dropped some great knowledge. As a business owner I think I know a lot and then I experience a course like this and I really get far more motivated about growing my own business and how to scale it.”

– Fred Spring, CEO, 98toGo

“A tremendous amount of my time is invested in marketing whether it’s social media, content development, or branding.
Doing the nitty-gritty works is very challenging for me and Brad has really opened up my eyes to how to leverage my time through freelancers to do the things that I am not wired to do.”

– Doug Grady, President, Doug Grady, LLC

“What I’m loving is that there are tools and resources and information that I didn’t even know existed. That I can immediately implement into my business to save time and money. I love outsourcing skills or tasks that let me do the things that are revenue-producing for my company.”

– Anita Davis, Founder, Business2Banker

“My father and I don’t have formal business experience so we have struggled as we’ve grown the last two years. I’m excited about what I’ve learned about outsourcing to save us time and energy. I’m particularly excited to utilize the platforms he shared for market research and automating CRM tools. I have definitely learned the [resources] we can implement today, right now, to grow our business including some real case examples.”

– Tim Ho, Co-Founder, BioReactor Sciences

“I really enjoyed this course with Brad. He talked about a lot of different avenues of business and so many different offerings that we can use to grow. I thought it was awesome. I really enjoyed the time.”

– Eric Odom, VP of Sales, PhiSlam


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