SEO for Financial Advisors

SEO For Financial Advisors: Your Path To Building A Potentially Solid Online Sales Pipeline

Before anything can become useful, it has to be first accessible and findable. And this is also true with a financial services website. Today, many people first turn to search engines such as Yahoo!, Bing and Google when searching for anything. Sometimes, even though they already know your domain name they still use Google to find your finance company. This is why SEO for finance companies is so important.

Financial advisors now join other industries in keeping up with the latest developments in the digital economy. Since the internet has become a really important factor that users consider in decision making and in finding a competitive financial advisor, it is critical that you can easily get discovered through search engines. Failure to do so would mean neglecting your chance to build a potentially solid online sales pipeline.

While it is impossible for you to reach your desired search engine ranking overnight, there are some things that can help you get started with SEO for financial advisors.

Get Updated With Google Algorithm

Google constantly changes its search algorithm. Sometimes even search engine optimization companies find it difficult to stay upbeat. To make sure you are still within Google’s evolving playing field, always keep an eye and make yourself current with the latest trends in Google search algorithm by updating your website content.

Write Valuable Content

Ten years ago, web content is considered as the king. And this is still true today. Writing valuable content will not only give your potential clients a chance to learn from you, it will also encourage other people and websites to link to your content and refer your website to other people who are looking for the same valuable information you have. Also, getting a lot of backlinks can help you reach a higher rank on the SERP and will also improve your authority.

Incorporate SEO With Social Media

Just like with other industries, if you are in the financial industry, you need to make sure that you are highly visible both on search engines and on social media networks. Even if you do good with search engine optimization, if you fail to develop and establish a valuable social media presence your brand can possibly get a negative impact. This can as well hurt the credibility and authority of your website and can put you a few steps behind your competitors.

Measure SEO Efforts

From time to time, you need to measure your SEO efforts to get an idea how you are doing and if you are still in line with your financial firm’s online goals. Measuring your SEO efforts will also help you determine whether or not it is already time for you to change your strategy in order to achieve the best results.

Use Relevant Keywords

Keywords still play an important role in search engine optimization so you have to choose only those that determine relevance. Keywords are the string of words or a single word that users use to find a web content. Before you choose a keyword to target, you should conduct a survey or study first to determine which one is the most relevant and the one that will likely help your website show up more on search results.