SEO for Attorneys

The Do’s and Dont’s of Doing SEO for Attorneys

Millions of people turn to the internet every day to find things that they need and your firm’s potential clients are absolutely among them. Around 25% of new potential clients use the world wide web to look for a competitive attorney or for a reputable law firm, not to mention the number of people referred by your old clients who want to know more about your firm. This is the reason why it has become critical for law firms to have their own space in the online world.

Your website can be considered as your home base and as a way for you to grow your business, to attract new potential clients and to interact with them. But then, what is the use of having a website if you can’t even be found on search engines? This is where SEO for attorneys comes in.

The Do’s of local SEO for attorneys

Conduct intensive research on keywords to target

Before you focus on what keywords to target and before even starting to develop your site content, consider conducting intensive studies and research first on the common terms that online searchers use to look for your law firm. For instance, which is more commonly used, lawyer or attorney?

Claim your spot in the social media world

Almost everything today goes social. Since social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and GooglePlus are highly recognized by the different search engines and that they play a really essential role in search engine optimization, it is important that you also create and develop your own social media presence.

Make sure your website is responsive

Unlike the old days, users do not just rely on their desktop computers when searching online, many clients of today use their smartphones, instead. To cater those searchers who use smartphones, be sure to make your website mobile-friendly and responsive.

The Dont’s of best SEO for attorneys

Buy links

Never ever get tempted about buying links no matter how desperate you are in finding a fast way to improve your website ranking. Aside from the fact that buying of links is completely unethical, it can also be a ground for Google to drop your rank and penalize your website. If you want to improve your SEO, you can consider using other methods just for instance submitting your website to local citation sites and other directories and building your firm’s social media presence.

Host blog off-site

Do you already have a blog for your law firm website? If you still don’t have, then it is perhaps about time to start one now. Are you torn between Blogger and WordPress? Don’t be. Neither of these two can be really beneficial for your search engine optimization campaign. Instead of having your blog hosted off-site, have it on your own website. This way, each visit, comment, and social media like and share that your blog get will be credited to your own site and not on WordPress or Blogger.