SEO for Churches

Blog Topic Ideas That Will Improve SEO For Churches

Let us say that you are currently doing great with your church website SEO. You have a high search engine ranking and that you are getting traffic to your site. But the question is: is there really a reason for people to visit your site one more time or are people just visiting your site once? If your answer favors to the second question, then you may start asking yourself why your church website visitors behave this way.
Most of the church websites today only talk about the church itself, its current leaders, its brochure of services and worship schedules, and everything about “us”. It’s given, you created a website because you want to tell something to people, applied the best SEO for churches strategies, and ranked well. But, have you ever think about what your church members and other visitors want to know from you?
Here are some blog topic ideas that will not only improve your church SEO but will also help capture the attention of your visitors, and attract more traffic to your website.

Local news

What’s with local news and why should this be a good topic for your website? Well first, since there is merely little competition when it comes to local news, adding one per week can greatly help your church search engine optimization. Local news is regarded as the easiest content that you can create and share on your blog and it is as well the most effective and efficient strategy in building traffic.

Plans, goals, dreams, and setbacks

Many people turn to church websites when they want to find something that can inspire them when they think they are losing hope, show them that they are not alone when they are already about to give up, and lift them up when they are faced with tough situations. So, why not become their source of inspiration? Tell people good, real, and inspiring stories. Share to your visitors the plans, goals, dreams, vision, purpose, and even setbacks or battles that other people deal with. You can share videos and photos on your blog together with a short story.

Life changing quotations and stories

People, in general, love inspirational stories. So, why not tell them something that they want to hear. When you touch the heart and mind of those people who have read your blog post, most often than not, they will share your post on their social media account and encourage other people to read it too.

Bible studies about life principles

This is not something that needs to encourage deep theological debates. Many people do not like to stay long on a website where all they can see is the church’s doctrinal statements. Think of your website as the first step to relationship building. You are there because you want people to know about you and you want to build a relationship with them. Writing life principles based on the bible can help you achieve this goal. However, try your best to be as neutral a possible and avoid insisting your own church principle and beliefs because if you do so you can easily and quickly cut off a promising relationship with your visitors.