SEO for Dentists

SEO For Dentists: 5 Handy Tips To Enhance Your Dental Clinic’s Online Visibility

Search engine optimization or SEO is a way for your website to get noticed and be found on search engines. Here are a few handy tips from different dental SEO companies that can help you enhance your site’s online visibility.

Go Mobile

In this tech age and time, almost everything goes mobile. Even our old desktop computers are getting left behind. People now uses their mobile phones to connect to the internet when searching for dental clinics and services. To go with this current trend, you must be sure to keep your website mobile-friendly or else you are too close to losing a number of prospect patients who are using their smartphones to find dental clinics and services.

Keep Your Contact Information Accessible

When designing a website, dentist SEO expert suggests that you must be sure that all your essential details such as your clinic name, phone number, and contact information is visible at all times. Unless your visitors are among the serious researchers out there, they usually just scan pages and see how they can get in touch with you. Most of them do not spend much time navigating each and every page you have just to find your contact details. Remember, users can easily and quickly lose their attention so be sure it is easy for them to contact your dental office and to schedule an appointment.

Be User-Friendly

It does not mean that if your website is accessible through mobile devices it is automatically user-friendly. No, it’s absolutely not. So what does being user-friendly means? Well, it means that each of the pages of your dental clinic website can easily be navigated. Choose a layout that will make sure that everything in the website is well organized and that it is appealing to the eye.

Join Niche Directories

Submitting your website to general directories is good but joining niche directories will give your website a more targeted market. It also makes your website easily accessible to people who really need to find a dentist and not just passers-by as well as those who are looking for essential information about anything related to your specific services and dental practice. Including your website to niche directories just like,, and, will not only give you an opportunity to be easily noticed by active users but will as well give a boost to your SEO marketing for dentists effort through inbound links.

Separate Dental Services And Procedures

Instead of making just a single web page where you post a comprehensive list of all your dental services and procedures, it would be more helpful if you create one page per service or procedure. For instance, if you offer services and procedures like whitening, extraction, check up, and emergency appointments, make individual pages for each with at least 300 words per page. By doing so, you can do better with your SEO for dentists campaign and rank for each of the service-related search terms and at the same time you can explain well in details each of the dental services and procedures that your clinic is offering.