SEO For Lawyers

5 Proven Effective Ways to Optimize Your Online Visibility

More than 20% of prospective legal clients usually start searching for lawyers through search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!. If you do not want to miss this huge percentage of traffic, you need to consider optimizing your online visibility. SEO for law firms is critical to increasing your online presence and to converting online searchers into prospective leads.

Here are some helpful tips about SEO for lawyers that can help you optimize your online visibility and branding.

Capture local traffic

If you are just starting out in building your online presence, it is important to focus on capturing local traffic by targeting local keywords. Since legal digital marketing is highly competitive, you need to establish your law firm first as a brand within your immediate location before you can market to a larger audience. You have to understand that it is impossible for you to start with your SEO campaign and then rank for a certain keyword (like Search Engine Marketing for Law Firm) overnight. It would usually take months or even years before you can be able to rank for such an exceedingly competitive term.
The best option is to use keywords that will target online searchers within your city. And if you already have established your online presence within your city, that’s the time you level up your scope to target the traffic in the regional, then national, and eventually international market.

Listing in Google Places and other local directories

When you think about optimizing your online presence locally, you also have to consider securing your listing spot in Google Places, local citation sites, and other local directories most especially on major attorney directories. This will allow your law firm to rank more prominently and to show up on the SERP, in the Local Carousel and within Google Maps where you can find a valuable source of traffic.

Invest in social media marketing

Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are among the best venues to reach your target market, expand your brand, improve your law firm’s online presence, build relationship and communicate with your clients, and drive additional traffic to both your social media pages and website, so it’s critical to also invest in social media marketing.

Write press releases

Writing and publishing press releases regularly can offer your law firm maximum exposure. When properly leveraged, it can drive more traffic to your website, build your reputation, and improve your ranking in major search engines. If your target audience consistently and frequently hears or reads about your law firm and about the good things you have done, the more they will likely to remember you when the time comes they need to find a lawyer to hire. Among the best matters to write for law firm press release are:

  • The new cases that you have won
  • Your law firm’s recently hired lawyers
  • Seminars, conferences or conventions that you have attended or you will be leading
  • Non-profit fundraising campaigns, sponsoring scholarships, and the like
  • Speaking engagements

Enhance the user experience

SEO for law firms does not just stop with directing a good amount of traffic to the website. The main goal why you want to improve your brand visibility is to convert your visitors into clients. No matter how many thousands of visitors you have, if they find your website to be just too plain or is less than high-quality, you are bound to lose a huge number of potential clients. To avoid this, you have to enhance the user experience by making your website look professional, informative and impressive. Law firm websites which are of high-quality usually have case results, case studies, lawyer bios, engagement objects, testimonials, press coverage and an informative blog.