SEO for Local Business

Top 5 Trends You Need To Include In Your 2017 SEO Strategy Plan

Unlike the old days, local companies of today no longer rely merely on yellow pages and on the classified ads section of local newspapers to get noticed by their prospect clients. They now learn to take advantage of the internet to reach out to a larger market just like what other international companies in the industry do.

A recent study revealed that more than 40 percent of customers conduct online research first whether through a website or via search engines before heading to a local store. And with the more than 100 billion queries that Google process every month, more than 42 percent are local in nature. By just looking at these figures, we can say that investing in SEO services for small business is certainly not a waste of time and money.

But with the great number of strategies available right now, how will you be able to know which of them can help you excel at local search engine optimation in 2017? Here are some SEO trends that you can use in preparing your SEO strategy plan for next year.

Social Media Engagement

With billions of active members and a great audience targeting system, social media networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook can still do miracles in making your SEO for local business a great success. As of today, over 70% of online marketers use social media to back up and boost SEO and this figure is expected to soar higher next year especially given the fact that social media content are now being indexed in major search engines including Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Local SEO and Mobile Optimization

For 2017, it is a must for websites to go mobile-friendly. Aside from the fact that Google has announced that websites who are mobile-friendly have greater chance to be at the top spot of the SERPs as compared to those that are not, people are no longer using just the desktop to browse the web. Many people now make use of all sorts of electronic devices like tablets, phone watches, laptops, and smartphones. And because of this, websites should consider focusing not only on local SEO but also in mobile optimization. These two should go hand in hand.

Videos Will Still Reign

It’s given, videos are the best ways to keep the audience entertained, informed, and engaged. But it does not stop there. Videos can help you boost your rank on SERPs too. Accordingly, by adding videos to your content, or page, you can obtain 50 times better organic page ranks in search engines as compared to static and plain text results.

Google Voice Search

The number of people who use mobile devices in connecting to the internet and in searching Google is increasing day by day. Google Voice Search has also got more and more popular these days. Through Google Voice Search, users can be able to search Google using their own natural speaking voice.

Local Directories

In 2017, submitting your website to local directories and citation sites (especially Google Places and Yelp) is still important most especially if you are optimizing your website in the local market.