SEO for Real Estate

SEO For Real Estate: Dealing With Ever Changing Pages

Although flyer distribution, saturation, mall manning and other client outreach activities still work today, real estate agents do not just focus on these ways of finding new leads. Thinking about reaching a wider target market, realtors now find it really important to establish and improve their online presence through having their own social media pages, submitting to real estate listing sites, as well as creating a website, and optimizing them for Google search ranking through hiring real estate SEO services. While the comprehensive principles of SEO can be applied when optimizing a real estate website, there are specific tactics that every realtor need to do in order to improve their site’s search traffic.

Dealing With Temporary Pages

A real estate website is significantly different from a typical website. And because of this, as a realtor, you also need to focus on specific SEO strategy for real estate.
Unlike a typical website, the real estate-focused sites have more temporary pages and content. For instance, if you need to sell a particular property, most likely you will create a page where you will post its details. But if you already have sold the property, the page and the content attributed to it will be deleted. The best way to deal with temporary pages while considering your Google ranking and your SEO for real estate agent effort is to create more static content like the ones listed below.

About Page

Dealing and selling real estate properties are both challenging and difficult. The fact that the item you are selling is quite expensive, finding a good buyer can be more of a challenge. It pays to also make your real estate a little more personal by adding an about page. Let your visitors know about your background, how you get into the real estate industry and how it became your passion, a bit of fun personal things about you and your team, and other similar stuff. You can as well add photos or videos of your team to make it more authentic.

Pages For Areas You Cover

Since you can’t create a specific permanent page for each house you sell, you can instead create a page for each of the areas you cover. For instance, if you are selling houses located in different provinces of Canada like Ontario, Québec, Alberta, and British Columbia, you can create a page about Canada and also set up separate pages for each of the specified provinces. Talk about the things that can make your site visitors interested in buying a property in the area, why people should move there, and everything great about the province.

Address And Contact Information

Be sure to make your address and contact information highly visible on your website. Aside from adding a specific page for your address and contact information like your email address and telephone number, also place a quick list of your contact information on the header or sidebar of each of the pages you have.

Keeping Temporary Pages

Instead of deleting the page right away after the property listed on the specific page is sold, consider keeping it for a few weeks or months. However, clearly state on the page that the property is already sold. You can make use of this page for other similar properties or perhaps for redirecting your visitors to a page where you list properties in the same area.