Small Business Package


Essentials Program

The digital marketing ecosystem involves many dimensions and layers. You may not be ready or do not need to engage every aspect available. We developed this program to make sure you have the fundamentals covered that deliver results and maintain a strong digital footprint.

NOTE: We can still customize this program by adding, removing or exchanging services, but we have found this set of solutions is a great starting point!

Discovery & Initial Setup



Dedicated Marketing Strategy & Execution Manager
  • We strongly believe in consistent, thorough communication with our Clients
  • Your dedicated Account Manager will maintain weekly, agenda-driven meetings to ensure timely implementation and execution of your marketing performance program
Business Profile Review
  • Business Profile and Product Offering
  • Competitor Landscape
  • Marketing Structure and Activity
  • Sales and Lead Generation Processes
  • We really enjoy this part of the process where we dive in and learn more about you and your business by completing the Entreholic Engagement Questionnaire (EEQ)
  • Our goal is to get the full picture of where you are winning, where you have challenges, and where you want to go
Target Customer Profiling
  • Together we complete the Entreholic Ideal Customer Profiling Process to understand your target customers
  • If you are a B2B business, this includes a review of target company profiles along with the individuals who are the decision makers
  • This exercise is critical for the messaging tone, content creation, and overall digital strategic plan we develop for your business”
Digital Marketing Assesement and Comprehensive Report
  • Website ranking, domain authority, site speed and conversion
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Site Analysis
  • Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis
  • Our team does a full analysis of your digital marketing footprint and generates a comprehensive 20+ page report detailing your stauts in each of the outlined areas to the left
  • This step helps us understand where we need to start and what areas to prioritize moving forward! See a sample report here
Google Analytics Installation and Setup of Dashboards
  • If not already implemented, we ensure Google Analytics code is properly installed on your website
  • Specfic dashboards are setup up to evaluate SEO performance, key words, inbound taffic sources and other key metrics
Lead Magnet for Your Website Visitors
  • Companies lose the most money by losing the “warm leads”. These are interested visitors to your website who are not ready to give you a call, chat or fill out your contact form so they just leave. This hurts the most when you’re paying for the traffic!
  • A “Lead Magnet” draws them in with helpful information about your business/industry that they receive in exchange for just their name and email. It’s a way to start “dating” your prospects before “marriage”.
  • For example, think about a lawn care company. You visit their website to learn more as you are exploring options but you are not ready to speak with someone. However, if you provide your name and email they will email you their guide: “Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Lawn Care Company vs Doing It Yourself”. Now they can start an email relationship that will likely lead to a sales call. (We show you how this is done)
  • We determine what type of “Lead Magnet” is best to get conversion on your website, write it, complete the graphic design and use it to get warm leads in the pipeline! It is also a great piece you can print and leave behind after sales calls, take to tradeshows, or add to your sales folder.

You can learn more about Lead Magnets here

6 Part Nurture Email Series for Prospects
  • Once prospects show interest through your website or other sources, they must be “warmed up” with a set of emails designed to generate a sales appointment.
  • The emails are typically delivered weekly and are broken into strategic topics such as your company story, a short case study or testimonial, or relevant industry article.
  • The goal is to include information that will build credibility and rapport with your prospect. If you are B2B this is to help support the phone follow-up process of a sales representative. We can create more, but 6 emails over 6 weeks is a good start!


Entreholic is my go-to team anytime I need a creative digital strategy to launch a new business or attack a new market. They are always aware of the latest technology tools and solutions to put us a step-ahead!

Matt Granados, CEO, Altamaxx and Local Vendors Coalition

Monthly Digital Marketing Performance Program



Dedicated Marketing Strategy & Execution Manager
  • Equipped with a full understanding of your business, target prospects and digital marketing footprint your Account Manager and our team are ready to execute changes from Discovery and begin the Monthly Digital Marketing Performance Program.
  • With your website now optimized for conversion, we are ready to start driving more traffic and generating more leads!
Implement Changes from Discovery Process
  • Website conversion recommendations
  • Lead magnet integration andsetup of email nurtures
  • Other required changes
  • Some key elements uncovered during the discovery session are evaluated and implemented
  • We use your existing email marketing platform or help you set up one to integrate the Lead Magnet form on your website
  • Any other changes within scope are completed
Traffic & Lead Generation
  • Search Engine Optimization (First Month is Initial Site Audit and Setup)
  • Social Media Management & Marketing (Includes $50 in FB Advertising)
  • All of the required steps are completed during the first month for SEO setup and ongoing maintenance to increase organic traffic is continued in the following months
  • Setup of all social media sites is completed and strategic content posting, building of followers and social community begins.

Click here for more details

Content Creation
  • 2 blogs per month with SEO targeted key words
  • 1 White Paper, Thought Leadership Guide, or Case Study every 3 months
  • Develop a blog content calendar on relevant topics to your target customers while also incorporating the most important key words identified during the discovery process.
  • Determine topics, write and complete graphic design of one comprehensive marketing piece up to 1,000 words”
Website Maintenance (5 hours per month)
  • Light updates to website including adding blogs, testimonials or news
  • Facilitate updates to any CMS platforms requested
  • In addition to writing the blog content for your website we also handle loading it to your website
  • We know how important it is to keep your site relevant with updated news and testimonials which we include in the service
  • Ensure all website platforms and plugins are updated as requested
Monthly Reporting
  • Google Analytics website performance
  • Social media management and marketing performance
  • Comprehensive PDF reports provided at the end of each month for review of program performance
  • Your Dedicated Account Manager will provide insights on trends and opportunities for indicated by the metrics for program optimization


The Entreholic team has a detailed grasp on every aspect of the digital marketing world. Their commitment to understanding our industry gave them the ability to tailor their proficiency to us rather than providing the standard, blanket marketing ideas we had seen from other marketers.

Melissa Burger, Affinity Program Coordinator, CardConnect

Add On or Exchange Other Digital Marketing Services


Social Media Advertising
Custom Lead Lists with Targeted Data Mining
Search Engine Advertising (Search and Display Ads)
Landing Page Development and Strategy
Automated Linked In Lead Generation
New Website Development
Email List Rental and Send Campaigns
Digital Public Relations