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Why is Social Media Significant for My Business?

Before explaining how we can help with our social media management services, let’s talk about the “why” shall we?

Social media is here to stay as a highly relevant part of any company’s marketing strategy and the customer’s buying process. While the social platforms of choice may vary by industry, the value of having an active presence is clear. The story is in the figures…


Here Are The Numbers…

People are on social:

  • In a recent study, over 75% of American adults have a social account.
  • Web users spend, on average 109 minutes a day on social media.

It influences their buying habits:

  • 71% of consumers are likely to purchase an item based on social media referrals.
  • 43% of social media users have purchased a product after sharing or favoriting it on Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter.

Businesses are seeing the impact of social media:

  • 8 out of 10 of small business use social media to drive their growth.
  • 3 of 5 SMB’s say they’ve used social media to gain customers.
  • 77% of B2C marketers have acquired customers through Facebook.
  • In a recent study, B2B marketers invest in social media to increase brand exposure (83%), increase web traffic (69%), and to gain market insights (65%).

Why Should I Ask for Help?

  • Time: For 95% of the businesses we talk to the reason is simple. It needs to get done. They know it needs to get done. But they just don’t have the time.
  • Money: Partnering with a company who specializes in social media management services is far more cost effective. We pride ourselves on offering a very comprehensive, yet affordable solution.
  • With our social media management services, you can rest assured that your platforms will be active and engaging. freeing up your time to do what you do best.
  • 62% of companies are seeing the value in outsourcing their social media and content marketing.

Why Entreholic?

It’s all in our name. We are addicted to the lean, mean creative entrepreneurial thinking it takes to deliver results.

Your dedicated social media manager will develop a customized approach based on an in-depth discovery of your business and target market.

Your strategy will be tied to performance metrics that deliver results and We make ongoing adjustments to optimize performance and ensure we achieve performance metrics that deliver results.

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Drive website traffic
  • Boost lead generation
  • Enhance social signal to driver higher search engine ranks
  • Enhance business promotion outreach
  • Better manage your company’s reputation

Creative Thinking + Strategy + Analytics




The Entreholic team has a detailed grasp on every aspect of the digital marketing world. Their commitment to understanding our industry gave them the ability to tailor their proficiency to us rather than providing the standard, blanket marketing ideas we had seen from other marketers.

Melissa Burger

Affinity Program Coordinator, Card Connect

Our Approach

When you partner with Entreholic, we collaborate with you to grow your business by using social media in four key ways:

Unique Content

If your posts aren’t engaging, your audience will glaze over them and on to the next funny, interesting, or informative post. Our marketing specialists wil find creative content to post that educates people about your brand, motivates them to take a particular action, or just keeps them informed about industry-related news.

Organic Follower Growth

With extensive experience in marketing and customer outreach, we will find creative outlets to engage customers and increase your social media following. We dedicate time each day to using various hashtags, engaging your business in others’ posts, joining industry-specific groups to establish a credible following, and much more.

Daily Posts and Management

We will keep your business active on a very consistent basis. Visitors will stay informed of the latest news and promotions your business is offering to increase brand awareness and enhance sales.

Interacting with Authenticity

Posting content is only one small aspect of establishing a social media presence. Our affordable social media management service goes a step further. We will post content and engage followers in real conversations around new content, products and services, and promotions. This will help your company generate more likes, retweets, shares, and comments.

To give you the greatest coverage online, we use the most popular platforms to ensure you are connecting with a wide range of audiences. No two social media platforms are made alike, so we craft a specialized strategy to connect with existing and potential customers in different ways.

Facebook Management

Facebook is an ideal platform to drive sales by narrowing the customer profile you target and interact with. We will review your existing Facebook profile, or create a new one from scratch, that is designed to fit your company’s brand and imaging. Next, we will construct dynamic content and run Facebook ads to boost your page likes, post views, and overall website traffic. New content can be posted even every day and comments made on any post will be responded to within 1 business day.

Twitter Management

Twitter allows companies to display their creative side and engage customers in 140 characters or less. We will craft unique content, within Twitter’s guidelines, post and interact with at least 8 people a day to organically build new customer relationships. This will typically increase your Twitter following by 300+ people a month

Instagram Management

Instagram lives up to the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words” and enables your company to tell its story through images. With 1-2 high quality posts per day accompanied with hashtags, we can grow your Instagram followers by 400+ per month, helping you reach more potential customers than ever before.

Pinterest, Linkedin, & Google+

Depending on your marketing initiatives and your target audience’s preferences, we can also manage other social media platforms. Whether you are looking to reach business professionals on LinkedIn, create eye-catching collages with Pinterest, or connect with customers via Google+, our affordable social media management service can fit any and all of your needs.

Entreholic is my go-to team anytime I need a creative digital strategy to launch a new business or attack a new market. They are always aware of the latest technology tools and solutions to put us a step-ahead!

Andrew Hughes

Director of Marketing, Crown & Caliber

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