Social Media Marketing for Law Firms

How Lawyers Can Benefit From Social Media Marketing

In the past years, lawyers are just ignoring the use of social media marketing in growing their firms as well as in enhancing their online presence despite the fact that a lot of high profile lawyers are already engaged with it. The good thing is that today more lawyers are getting interested in devoting their time, effort and money for social media marketing for law firms.

Why is social media beneficial for lawyers and law firms?

People nowadays spend more time surfing the web when searching for best lawyers within the locality than driving from one firm to another to see which of the local firms are the best. Billions of people are now actively using various social media networks on a daily basis. This number is too big to ignore. Aside from being the cheapest way to connect with clients and to build a relationship with them, social media has also become the key referral source for many lawyers.
If you are a lawyer or an office staff who is in-charge of creating a law firm’s social media strategy, these tips can help you improve your firm’s online visibility and website traffic.

Social media for networking

No man is an island. This famous quote also applies to lawyers. For many lawyers and even for law students, networking is extremely important. You do not have to attend every conference and meeting to be able to connect with your colleagues and with other individuals in your industry. You can connect and create a network with them through social media.
No matter how experienced, intelligent and skillful you are, there are still a lot of room for you to learn and improve. And you can only learn more about your profession if you have a solid network.

For Authority building

As a lawyer, building authority is a must. Social media is a great way to build your authority, expertise, and name as a credible attorney and an expert mind in the industry. You can couple this content marketing like blogging to make it more effective.

As evidence in the courtroom

Social media posts are considered admissible in the courtroom and therefore can be used as a solid evidence. A lot of lawyers are now using the social media against and for defendants and plaintiffs to prove their stand. It can be used as a proof of the credibility and character of all the individuals involved in the case, including the witness.

To market yourself as a reputable lawyer

Social media is a great way for you to connect and communicate with people. The more engaging your contents and page are, the more people will get interested in knowing more about you and your firm. Through social media, you can share to people how expert you are in your field and with that, you can be able to attract more new clients. Plus, people these days are using social media and Google when searching for specific services. If you can’t be found there, you are losing your chance of acquiring more new clients for your firm.