Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Grow Your Real Estate Business With Social Media Marketing

Are you a real estate agent who is looking for ways to improve your sales pipeline in a more creative and effective way? Do you think you have tried everything from giving of flyers, saturation, house to house marketing, and the like but you still did not hit your sales quota? Well, it might be because you are still stuck with the traditional way of marketing real estate properties.

With the continuous development of technology today, everyone seems to get online: from searching for information to connecting with friends, from finding services to online shopping. Customers nowadays can not be found only in one place anymore. Many of them now use search engines and social media networks to find products and services.

So, how social media marketing for real estate agents can help you?

5 out of 10 Americans today are actively using social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn on a daily basis. As of today, there are already over 1 billion people from around the world who are on Facebook, more than 200 million on LinkedIn, and more than 400 million on Twitter. Looking at the numbers, you can say that social media definitely provides a huge target market.

These tips can help you grow your real estate business through social media marketing.

Post videos and photos

People love videos and pictures. According to many real estate social media marketing companies, the main reason why the number of users of Facebook is continuously increasing is photos. Sharing stories and information is far more effective when accompanied with videos and pictures that just mere texts. A simple photo of a family standing happily in front of their new home is worth a thousand words while a short video clip is worth a thousand photos.

Encouraging instead of instructing

Encouraging is far better than instructing. Instead of instructing your customers to like or follow your page, why not give them some logical reasons why they need to connect with you. For instance, instead of saying “Like us on Facebook” or “Follow us on Twitter”, you can say “Get answers to your real estate concerns on our Twitter and Facebook pages.”.

Don’t forget to listen

Instead of posting what you want to tell your customers, it would be better if you first listen to what they want to know about you and your industry. So, before you post your first tweet or status update of the day, consider asking Google first what people in the online world are searching for.

Take the shoes of customers

There are realtors who are already on social media and have great real estate social media strategy yet they have not achieved the expected results of their efforts. Well, one reason behind this is that many realtors are only telling their target audience about themselves. If realtors would stop thinking like a typical marketer and start wearing the shoes of their customers, they will have a deeper understanding how they can be able to serve their clients well and how they can be able to boost their sales pipeline. The secret behind social media marketing success does not only lie in the media but more in the social.