Content Development: Nurture Emails & Lead Magnets


We started this service to share our expertise with businesses like yours and to help you leverage the latest in marketing best practices. Many business owners are purchasing marketing automation and email marketing programs, but they are often not fully utilized due to a lack of time to develop the right content to engage prospects and nurture the relationship. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand this dilemma and the value of leveraging time which is why we offer a turn-key process to generate content that will draw your audience and keep your message in their inboxes at a rate you can afford.

What is a Lead Magnet and Why is it Important?

Have you ever window shopped? Online visitors to your site do it all the time, but if they don’t make a purchase you may never know they were there. A lead magnet allows you to build a relationship with your window website shoppers. For those shoppers that are thinking, I’m interested, but not ready just yet to buy, a lead magnet is exactly what you need to get in contact and keep in contact with this prospect, sending them information warming them up for a future (or repeat) sale.

Think of it in terms of dating. You don’t jump into a full blown relationship where you’re swapping apartment keys and making wedding plans right out of the gates. Instead, you start with subtle flirting and let it develop to a first date and take it from there. You have to earn the right for them to be your customer and show them that you are willing to work for it, by sending interesting and informative emails to keep your company’s name in their mind. A lead magnet is your ultimate courting tool, use it wisely, and you’ll land the first sale and then the next.and soon you’ll have a loyal customer.

Lead Magnet But, What Does it Really Mean?

If you’re the owner of Perfection Lawns, for example, you may offer a guide titled, Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Lawn Healthy In the Winter. A potential customer may visit your site in the midst of considering other lawn care providers in the area, but see this guide listed on your website. They’ll enter in their email address, why not, since it is a FREE guide, right? And then have what you need to start the digital flirting. So, you’ll send them the guide according to what was promised on your site, and then you’ll keep sending them great information until you convert them into a paying customer. We’ll help you craft content that speaks to your customer and gets them off of the fence.

They Signed Up for the Lead Magnet Now What?

Once a prospect requests the lead magnet and email series, you will then follow up with additional nurture emails. The first email will include the lead magnet that they asked for, but it will also describe your service (gotta sing your praises!) and contact information. Now begins a nurturing email sequence that is designed to non-invasively send them email content that:

  • has educational value tied to a pain you’re helping them avoid;
  • helps them reach a goal they have; or
  • acknowledges a frustration they typically experience with your competitors and explains how you’re different.

Are Lead Magnets A One Hit Wonder?

No! Lead magnets can be repurposed in many ways and don’t have to be super long. In this case, short is definitely sweet. You could send the lead magnet in the first email or savor it and break the content up into multiple parts as an email series. Want marketing collateral? Print the lead magnet and use it as a handout for your sales reps to provide new customers. Tweet it, post it on Facebook, make it into a blog for your website you’ve got options and valuable content your audience wants!

Here’s the secret need the lead magnet to be like filet mignon, easy to digest and keeps you looking for more. People are 4x less likely to delete an email that they found funny, informative, or interesting and more likely to share it with others too. Bingo digital word of mouth increases sales and leads to other customers that you may not have reached otherwise. Our team will craft the content and integrate eye-catching graphic design to make your lead magnet effective. Plus, lead magnets are a great credibility builder. Why? Because it shows that you’ve taken the time to assemble and share valuable information and you’re positioned as a thought leader or subject matter expert in your field.

What Are Nurture Emails?

NurtureEmailsIf a lead magnet is your first wink or flirt, then your nurture emails will lead you to first base, second base, meeting the parents and well you know. It starts with the lead magnet, but won’t end there. You’ll work to earn the right to stay in the inbox with an effective email nurture campaign. Our team will craft these nurture emails to fit your voice, embody your brand, and speak to your customers keeping them informed and engaged.

Why Are Nurture Emails Important?

You want to make money, right? Did you know that 50% of leads aren’t ready to buy at the time of first contact? Lead nurturing using email nurture sequences are the smartest (and one of the cheapest) ways to stay in front of the customer so when they are ready to buy, they know who to call. So what’s the nurturing recipe?


We use a blend of self-promotion, education, and humor to keep the content fresh and engaging. Plus, the e-mails are short, bite-sized snippets of information straight to the point, but impactful. Who has time to read an email novel anyway?


Timing is everything with nurture emails and we typically recommend you send the first 3 or 4 emails once a week, just to warm the customer up a bit and get them use to seeing your name in their inbox. Then you can stretch out the contact to once every two weeks for the next two months, and if they still haven’t bought or unsubscribed, then drop it down to once a month. Of course this is not a one size fits all approach, if you’re releasing new products or services, or trying to tap into a seasonal need, you may want to ramp up the number of email nurtures but we’ll help you figure it out!

Here’s How We Do It: Lead Magnet Creation and Crafting the Nurture Email Sequence

We take this stuff very seriously and work hard to create content that your audience will find interesting and informative! We’re the marketing and messaging geeks you’ve always needed but didn’t know were there.

Our Process From Start to Finish

  • Review. Our team comprehensively reviews your website, marketing materials, videos and other multimedia, and social properties to gain a feel and understanding of your business.
  • Ask. We have you complete a short questionnaire, answering some key questions about your business and your customers.
  • Voice. We ask you help determine the voice or tone of messaging of your company. Is it playful, sarcastic, serious, clinical, etc? Whatever it is, we’ll embody it to make sure the content is in line with what your customers prefer.
  • Brainstrom. With all of the information gathered, we put together a list of 7 to 10 topic ideas for lead magnet for your review and confirm the top choices.
  • Draft. We put together a proposed list of emails for the 10 part nurture series. These will include a list of subject lines and a clear identified purpose for each piece.
  • Create. Upon your approval of the proposed lead magnet and nurture pieces, the writing magic begins!
  • Review. After each written piece is completed, we’ll send you the content in Word or in a Google Doc format to review and provide any final feedback or comments.
  • Design. Once the lead magnet content is approved we begin creating professional graphics to accompany the piece. We’ll ask you to review along the way and offer up to two rounds of edits on the graphics.
  • Send. When the final lead magnet and email copy is approved we hand over everything to be loaded into your email marketing platform. Let the nurturing begin!
We Look Forward to Working With You and Your Team!