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The Problem

Often times one of the top challenges of small to medium business owners is cost effectively acquiring and retaining customers in a sustainable way.  Ironically, consistent and targeted marketing is a key to overcoming this challenge and is often a low priority.

If marketing is so important to the pulse of a company, why isn’t more time and consistency dedicated to it? The simple answer: it gets overlooked and lost in the day-to-day shuffle of running the business.

We understand that effectively marketing your business can be very overwhelming with expensive digital agencies, social media managers, e-mail marketers, and website vendors all vying for your business each with their own set of promises for a hefty price. On top of that, digital marketing is much more than having a Twitter handle or writing a blog once every few weeks. Digital marketing is a comprehensive, overlapping ecosystem with many moving parts that all have to work together in harmony and must be managed CONSISTENLY in order to be effective.

Hiring an in-house marketing person can be just daunting and managing them to be sure they are using the latest marketing technologies is one more thing on your growing to do list. What if you had an affordable, results-driven multi-faceted marketing solution that could handle ALL of your marketing needs even the ones you don’t know you have?



Our Solution

At entreholic we infuse a lean, results-driven approach to marketing into your business. We’ll be your stand-in Marketing Director building you a sustainable marketing program and managing every aspect of it to drive your business by using technology and marketing best practices.

Our Marketing Performance Experts will partner with you to learn your business, your target audience, and the best way to leverage the most recent (and effective) marketing techniques available to organically establish and grow your company’s brand.

With Entreholic you can rest assured that the marketing gets done on-time, on budget, with measurable results. Unlike other marketing companies, we will not hijack your business and do what WE think is best. Instead, we partner with YOU, keeping you regularly informed with weekly and monthly meetings to ensure that our results are reaching or exceeding your organizational goals.

We eat, sleep, breath, and live marketing strategy and you’ll instantly benefit by having a full marketing resource team at your fingertips. If you are in a place where you are overwhelmed by trying to do the marketing function yourself or tired of having it shared among employees that should be focusing on other tasks, let entreholic be your personal Marketing Director. We’ll lower your customer acquisition costs by helping you build a robust and recognizable brand using the best marketing techniques possible boosting your profit margins.

Reach out to us today and we’ll assign you your very own Marketing Performance Expert to get you well on your way to beating the competition by marketing smarter, not harder. Based on your needs, strategy and budget we will assemble a short and long-term program utilizing part or all of our services below:

Marketing Strategy & Execution Expert (On-Site and Virtual)

  • One of our Marketing Performance Experts will work directly with you on-site and virtual
  • We interface with your entire team including sales, operations, management, fulfillment, etc.
  • Weekly meetings and monthly strategy assessment reviews

Strategy Brainstorming

  • Comprehensive audit of all digital and non-digital marketing efforts
  • Product pricing and channels
  • Customer and lead profiling

Content Creation and Content Marketing

  • Blog writing, posting, and distribution
  • Email campaign strategy
  • Nurture emails for leads and customers
  • Thought Leadership Guides, eBooks, Infographics, Tip Sheets
  • Copy for brochures, website and other digital and non-digital pieces as needed
  • Graphic design for all content pieces developed
  • Video development, editing and distribution

Social Media Setup, Posting and Advertising (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linked In)

  • Strategic content posting
  • Distribution of all content created through social channels
  • Community development
  • Facebook advertising

Linked In Lead Generation Strategy

  • Goes beyond just posting and publishing to profiles
  • Profile setup and optimization
  • Strategic building of groups and connections
  • Turn-key messaging services from invite through connection acceptance

Lead and Thought Leader Contact Generation through Data Targeting and Capture

  • A very unique approach to identify and gather specific lead data
  • Target profiling coupled with web search and capture
  • Comprehensive data gathering based on specific criteria used for email, phone, direct mail and social media outreach

Website and Landing Pages

  • New website design and development
  • Existing website re-work
  • Google Analytics installation and dashboard setup
  • Optimization for SEO
  • User experience optimization for conversion
  • Copywriting
  • Integration of lead magnets for conversion
  • Content and functionality maintenance
  • Landing page and conversion form development for specific campaigns

Digital Public Relations

  • Press Release distribution strategy planning for digital and print channels
  • Develop list of all relevant publications and appropriate contacts for distribution
  • Press Release Writing
  • Promotion through free and paid channels for SEO

Graphic Design

  • Full graphic design for all content pieces created
  • Business cards, brochures, and other collateral as needed

Marketing Automation Implementation

  • Assistance with determining the best technology solution
  • Workflow mapping for all leads and customers
  • Setup and integration with website, social media
  • Integration with internal staff including operations, sales and management
  • Dashboard setup for analytics measurement

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