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I can show you how to get $10,000 of marketing work done for $500 in less than two weeks.

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How to Use Low Cost Freelancers to Get $10,000 of Marketing for $500 in 5 Days or Less

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Hi There! So what is this “Expert Outsource Training” all about?

I’m Brad Stevens, Founder of Entreholic based in Atlanta, GA. I’ve never worked for another company and have made my way as a lifetime entrepreneur through learning by doing. I’ve built 5 companies in different industries and what I outline below is something I wish I had known when I started my first company.

About 6 years ago in growing my last company I learned the unbelievable power of outsourcing by using freelancers to get incredible sales and marketing done for my business super low cost and fast. We would literally get over $10,000 worth of marketing if I had paid traditional agencies…but we got it done for less than $500. I kept getting asked to share how we did it. I ended up doing presentations for entrepreneurs all over Atlanta and then all over the world through webinars.

My inbox would be slammed with people wanting to know more about what we did and how, so I decided to put it all into an online course and show it all step-by-step and give you the contact information of the outstanding freelancers we have already vetted for you. Don’t see a topic you need? We’ll create it for you. And you get access to our Private Facebook Community to ask questions, interact with other participants and share your successes. There’s no risk and I guarantee this will be one of the best uses of your time to start or grow your business.

What kind of tasks?

Validating a new product idea, market research, creating mission statement and core values, lead generation, building a website, SEO, creating a video, social media management, graphic design, writing blogs, Linked In management, setting up outbound telemarketing, creating financial forecasts, hiring sales staff, finding strategic partners, PR, and more.

  • Outsmart the competition with an Unfair Advantage
  • Look Like a Bigger Company for Fraction of the Cost
  • Get More From Time and Money

$10,000+ of Sales/Marketing for $500 and Half the Time

Special Bonus Never Offered Before

Our “black book” with the full listing of the exact freelancers we use on one of the top freelancer platforms. You will have the list of freelancers we use in these categories so you can get started immediately with your projects!

  • Content – Proof Reading
  • Content Writing – Blog Posts
  • Content Writing – Ebooks
  • Directory Submission
  • Graphic Design – Facebook Ads & Covers
  • LinkedIn – Content Sharing
  • Pay Per Click – Keyword Research
  • Photo Editing and Design
  • Sales Page Testing
  • SEO – Keyword Research
  • Social Media – Retweets
  • Video – Animation
  • Video – Editing
  • Video – Intro Animations
  • Video – Whiteboard Animation
  • Website – Landing Page Creation

And More...

Expert Outsource Training™ Key Benefits


 Each module is 15 min or less. We get right to it and solve your pain point immediately.

Low Cost Implementation

We show you how to get tasks done extremely low cost utilizing free or inexpensive online tools and talented freelancers.

Trusted, Vetted Vendors and Tools

We give you the contact information of vetted companies or freelancers so you can get the job done immediately or we’ll give you the exact job posting we used and the platforms. We also provide a list of any free or inexpensive online tools that may be helpful.

Proven Case Studies

This content isn’t based on theory. We show you step-by-step case studies completed by actual businesses that are highly creative, low cost and effective. 

Community & Accountability

Access to a thriving community of first time and veteran entrepreneurs sharing ideas and asking questions in our Private Facebook Group.


Your module guide is a lifetime, 20-year entrepreneur with multiple companies generating over $10 Million in total revenue. He also speaks globally and graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Wharton Business School.

Affordable Pricing and Guarantee

We know you have other bills to pay. We’ve made it an affordable monthly rate with access to all Expert Outsource Training and the Private Facebook Group community. You can cancel at anytime to it’s our job to make sure you keep receiving value!

Expert Outsource Training™ Promise:

Enroll and take the program. If you don’t walk away with immediate understanding of what to do and how to do it then get a full refund no questions asked.

The Expert Outsource Training™

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Enter Your Name and Email to Receive More Information and a Free Copy of the the Entreholic Outsourcing Quick Start Guide and The Top 200 Tools To Fuel Your Business Growth

Datamining for Leads, Influencers and Media Contacts

Quickly capture data on the web for leads, influencers, media contacts, and more. It will change the way you start or grow your business. It is the most effective way to get extensive, actionable data very fast and super low cost to drive revenue.

Datamining to Simplify Administrative and Personal Tasks

Datamining can also dramatically simplify day-to-day tasks to research potential vendors, convert static files to text, organize and sort mass amounts of information, etc. It is amazing for personal tasks too. We share one story of how we used it to find research and find a wedding venue in 3 days for $12.

Validating a Product

Using very specific real-life case studies, learn how for as little as $50 to $100 and in less than a week how you can rapidly test a market for your product or service idea. You need to know is there a demand, what price point you need to choose to be profitable and competitive, and is it sustainable?

Video Development

Video is king on the internet. And it doesn’t have to be expensive. Creating an animated video, quickdraw video, or even converting your raw footage into an incredible piece with music, animation intros and more can be done for $150 or less. We’ll show you exact case studies and the vendor we use to get it done!

Automated LinkedIn Mgmt

Sound Familiar?  “I know LinkedIn is a great tool for generating leads, but I don’t have time to optimize my profile, find connections, join groups, and write all the messaging back and forth.” Learn the solution in this module

Graphic Design – Logos, eBooks, Infographics, FB ads, Brochures and More

Most graphic design work is not executed because of time and money. In one example you’ll see how we got an amazing 10 page ebook written, designed and published for use on our website in 5 days for $26.25. And how we got 10 beautiful Facebook ads done in 2 days for $15. We’ll also logos, 3D images, infographics, brochures and more with incredible quality at very affordable rates! And we’ll include vetted vendors as always.

Top Tools To Fuel Your Growth

 In this module we review 30 incredible free or inexpensive online tools that most have never heard of to drive your growth and automate your business. See your competitors entire online marketing strategy, automated hand written letters, free press release distribution, $1 stock photos and more. You’ll love this module!

Content Writing

 Creating consistent, high quality content is critical to your business. Blogs, white papers, press releases, website copy, and more. And most people never get it done because they never have the time.  In this module we show you how to get incredible content developed fast and low cost on autopilot so you can focus on other parts of the business.

Creating Websites & Google Analytics

We will show you how to get an entire custom website created from start to finish in less than a week for under $250. We’ll review the exact communication tools and provide the contact information of our top outsourced vendor to get the work done. We also review the vendor and steps to get Google Analytics dashboards done in a few days for $40 or less.

Search Engine Optimization

 We will review the different approaches for on-page and off-page SEO and share a top vendor we have used to complete these tasks for us. We’ll show the exact reports they provide and the steps they use to drive improved rankings for our websites.

Market Research & Competitor Analysis

We will cove how to get a comprehensive research guide completed for your industry in a week for as little as $100. How to get a full list of all competitors in your industry super low cost in a few days. Learn how to get a freelancer to do user testing of your product for $5 and how to get an unknown topic researched with a full report for as little as $50.

Email List Building & Creating Nurture Series

In this module we cover key techniques for email list building on your website using lead magnets and other techniques. We also review the “Nurture Wheel” and how SO MUCH revenue is lost in the warm leads. We take you behind the scenes to step-by-step on how we build our email nurture series. As always, we give you top vendors to use in creating your own.

Outbound Telemarketing

Learn how to create a turn-key, low cost outsourced telemarketing team for lead generation, appointment setting, market testing, and more.

Understanding the New Labor Economy and What Can be Outsourced

The way everyone works is changing rapidly. 10,000,000. That’s how many people are on just one of the freelancer platforms. By 2020 over 60% of the labor force in the USA alone will be freelance contractors. Learn how to properly leverage this incredibly talented, low cost resource that is rapidly growing every day.

Outsourcing Platform Review

 In this module, we review all of the top outsourcing platforms and which ones should be used for different tasks. Platforms have improved dramatically in terms of quality, talent pool, check and balances, and ease of use. We’ll cover some of the top ones.

If you don’t see a module you need, let us know and we’ll make it for you!

Enter Your Name and Email to Receive More Information and a Free Copy of the the Entreholic Outsourcing Quick Start Guide and The Top 200 Tools To Fuel Your Business Growth

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Tell Me About the Instructor?


Brad Stevens is the Founder and CEO of Entreholic that helps businesses embrace highly innovative and low cost ways to grow their business by leveraging time, money and a creative mindset using global, virtual teams. The firm produces educational content including the Top 200 Tools to Fuel Your Business Growth, provides advisory services and built a state-of-the-at online education platform called Expert Outsource Training.

As a lifetime entrepreneur, he has helped build multiple 7 figure businesses in domestic and international markets within several industries including physical products, eCommerce and professional services.

Brad also serves on the board of the Atlanta Chapter of the Global Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) where he co-chairs the Accelerator Program that was rated as the organization’s fastest growing program in the world in 2015. For his work with startups to $100 million businesses, he has been featured in Inc Magazine, Octane Magazine and the EO Global Innovation Forum along with multiple podcasts including the Wall Street Business Network. Brad was featured on the cover of Small Business Magazine and is a past winner of the Top 40 Most Innovative Companies in Georgia award. He is a sought after speaker by business organizations, CEO Peer Groups, and Fortune 500 firms. Most recently, he was elected to the board of Startup Atlanta, an organization commissioned by the mayor to support the city’s business ecosystem.

He lives in Atlanta, GA with his daughter and wife, an inspirational third grade teacher. Brad graduated Magna Cum Laude from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania with concentrations in Finance and Marketing.

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Enter Your Name and Email to Receive More Information and a Free Copy of the the Entreholic Outsourcing Quick Start Guide and The Top 200 Tools To Fuel Your Business Growth

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