Social Media Advertising Services

Why Should I Consider Social Media Advertising?

Great question! If you’re like most people, you rarely go a day without getting some type of message from social media. The constant “ping” from your phone with a new message or posting notification can be overwhelming at times – but that sound is money to a business owners ears. It’s an envrionment where your customers are connecting, posting, sharing, and commenting every day.

While our socal media management services are important for organic growth, social media advertising allows you to advertise directly to your target audience with incredible accuracy. We will work with you to develop a profile of your ideal prospects and execute a social media advertising strategy to acquire new customers cost effectively. We leverage advanced social media advertising technology and best practices to increase lead generation, drive sales, and generate more website traffic – all at an affordable price.


Why Entreholic?

It’s all in our name. We are addicted to the lean, mean creative entrepreneurial thinking it takes to deliver results.

Your dedicated social media manager will develop a customized approach based on an in-depth discovery of your business and target market.

Your strategy will be tied to performance metrics that deliver results and We make ongoing adjustments to optimize performance and ensure we achieve performance metrics that deliver results.


Creative Thinking + Strategy + Analytics




The Entreholic team has a detailed grasp on every aspect of the digital marketing world. Their commitment to understanding our industry gave them the ability to tailor their proficiency to us rather than providing the standard, blanket marketing ideas we had seen from other marketers.

Melissa Burger

Affinity Program Coordinator, Card Connect

Our Approach

When you partner with Entreholic, we collaborate with you to build your social media advertising campaigns in three ways:

Engineer eye-catching and engaging social media advertisements

Our experienced in-house graphic designers know just how to create visually stimulating social media advertisements. We uniquely blend engaging advertisement copy with the most effective colors to make ensure your advertisements are engaging.

Identify a specific target audience and engage them

We strongly believe that if you have a great product, we can connect your business to people who may be willing to buy it. By using advanced functions of social media sites, our team can laser-target people who are likely to transact. This includes email and website retargeting, which is essentially advertising directly to the people who visit your website.

Analyze click-through data, conduct A/B testing, and optimize ads to make sure you get the biggest bang for your buck.

We dive deep into the analytics to determine what is working and what changes may be needed to boost your ROI. Your money and time are valuable and we craft marketing strategies based on proven data, best practices, and your customer profiles. We continually monitor all campaigns and optimize as needed!

To give you the greatest coverage online, we use the most popular platforms to ensure you are connecting with a wide range of audiences. No two social media platforms are made alike, so we craft a specialized strategy to connect with existing and potential customers in different ways.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising can be the most cost-effective outlet for small businesses. You are able to narrow the advertisement to only a specific customer demographic based on age, gender, income, interests, job position, relationship status and many other characteristics. Since users have provided personal information about their jobs, home towns, schools attended, and interests, Facebook can leverage this to help businesses connect with their exact target market at a low cost. We can also upload any of your current lead or customer lists and Facebook can use that data to develop “look-a-like” audiences to target prospects with similar characteristics.

Twitter Advertising

Twitter is keyword driven and our advertising specialists know where to find the keywords your target audience is using. We promote daily tweets and position website ads in front of the Twitter followers who are likely to show the most interest in your products and services.


Pinterest Advertising

Clients with products or services targeted toward health, household items, food, holidays, clothing, recreational interests, fashion trends, hair, and makeup have had the greatest success with Pinterest advertising. Also, if your target market is women, especially mothers, then Pinterest is an ideal platform. With one of the lowest costs to advertise, positioning ads in front of Pinterest users can mean getting the highest marketing ROI for your money.

Entreholic is my go-to team anytime I need a creative digital strategy to launch a new business or attack a new market. They are always aware of the latest technology tools and solutions to put us a step-ahead!

Andrew Hughes

Director of Marketing, Crown & Caliber

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