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“This was the highest value for my time more than any speaker all year. Very good actionable takeaways to help us understand how underutilized we are in our business, and how to unlock the potential of the little know leverage strategies that Brad has been able to figure out and "codify" into any business structure. It is incredibly helpful for both macro and micro needs in my business.”

- Dan Pahos, President of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization Birmingham Chapter


"In the 18 years that I have been overseeing The Brain Trust, a CEO peer group, we have never had a higher rated speaker than Brad. He got the top rating of 187 speakers we have featured over the years. It was truly remarkable to see the response from CEO’s of companies ranging from $1 million to over $250 million in revenue as he opened up an entire new world to them. He is truly passionate about what he does. The content is a great blend of motivation, strategy and tactical application delivered with tremendous energy. We look forward to having him back!"

- Tom Cramer, Founder of The Brain Trust 


“I own a successful construction company and recently launched a new business in a new industry. I’ve been an entrepreneur for many years but the information I learned from listening to Brad speak blew my mind. It motivated and inspired me to take my latest company from 0 to winning the prestigious MAX Awards along the likes of Coca-Cola inside one year. I look forward to staying in touch with Brad and the Entreholic organization long-term!"

- David Lefkovits, CEO of Niche Digital Brands

Finding the right speaker for an event who will meet your expectations can be challenging.  Often times speakers bring great energy and motivation but lack tangible takeaways.  Other speakers are packed with tactical tips but do not inspire the audience to take action. We find most event planners are looking for a speaker who will deliver a strong combination of strategic insights, motivation and meaningful takeaways the attendees can implement immediately.  Brad Stevens is committed to delivering this kind of experience for your audience with fresh new concepts and a fun, high energy delivery that will leave your audience moved and motivated to take action. 

Below you will find samples of his past presentations and further information on his background and regular speaking topics.

Speaking Highlight Video

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A Little Bit About Brad


Brad Stevens is the Founder and CEO of Entreholic that helps businesses embrace highly innovative and low cost ways to grow their business by leveraging time, money and a creative mindset using global, virtual teams. The firm produces educational content including the Top 200 Tools to Fuel Your Business Growth, provides advisory services and built a state-of-the-at online education platform called Expert Outsource Training.

As a lifetime entrepreneur, he has helped build multiple 7 figure businesses in domestic and international markets within several industries including physical products, eCommerce and professional services.

Brad also serves on the board of the Atlanta Chapter of the Global Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) where he co-chairs the Accelerator Program that was rated as the organization’s fastest growing program in the world in 2015. For his work with startups to $100 million businesses, he has been featured in Inc Magazine, Octane Magazine and the EO Global Innovation Forum along with multiple podcasts including the Wall Street Business Network. Brad was featured on the cover of Small Business Magazine and is a past winner of the Top 40 Most Innovative Companies in Georgia award. He is a sought after speaker by business organizations, CEO Peer Groups, and Fortune 500 firms. Most recently, he was elected to the board of Startup Atlanta, an organization commissioned by the mayor to support the city’s business ecosystem.

He lives in Atlanta, GA with his daughter and wife, an inspirational third grade teacher. Brad graduated Magna Cum Laude from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania with concentrations in Finance and Marketing.

Trusted Organizations Inviting Brad to Speak

Recent Presentation Highlight

Heath Campbell, President of the BB&T Northern Georgia Region representing $9 billion in revenue, invited Entreholic CEO Brad Stevens to present at their senior management summit. Through case studies from 20 years of experience in building multiple companies, Brad explained how they can share low, cost innovative growth strategies with their business clients to “Deliver Unexpected Value”, a key theme for BB&T’s approach to differentiate as the 8th largest bank in the United States.

Regular Speaking Topics

Brad Stevens is an award-winning business leader known for his high-energy, engaging and actionable speaking style. With 20 years of expertise in starting, growing and selling businesses, Brad brings a unique perspective to his speaking engagements. He uses real-world case studies to show the impact that his business strategies can have on a business – almost overnight. If you’re looking for actionable, innovative content then Brad is your go-to speaker.

Brad’s keynote and workshop topics are designed to be both entertaining, informational and actionable. Audiences will leave the speaking event with a wide variety of tested business strategies and practical steps to immediately implement them to achieve measurable change.

Below are Brad’s regular speaking topics. Presentations can be customized to fit a certain event, or type of group, so please do not hesitate to reach out with your requests.

Featured Topic: Leading with Leverage

Brad Provides a Brief Video Overview

Keynote Version (60 to 90 Minutes)

Leading with Leverage: Take Your Company Into the Next Decade by Embracing the Rapidly Growing, Virtual “On Demand” Workforce to Grow Faster, Cheaper…Smarter.

It is a prime time to be in business but the pace is moving faster than ever across all dimensions including operations, finance, HR, sales , and certainly the dizzying world of marketing. The complexity has also increased dramatically. However, startups to $100 million Fortune 500 companies have no choice. They must engage this new reality and find a way to win. But how do they keep up and compete?

The only answer is leverage; leveraging time, money and resources with very innovative techniques. This includes embracing the rapidly growing global on-demand work-force with no overhead and no marketing costs who are incredibly talented and do amazing work low cost and fast. Brad helps break down all the perceptions business leaders have about outsourcing, freelancers and contractors to unveil an incredibly powerful virtual team architecture that will rapidly increase the speed of execution for a fraction of the cost. He explains how this isn’t a short-term trend. There is a seismic shift in how work will get done. And when you combine the power of global freelancers along with creative thinking and unique technology tools you can move mountains in a business faster and cheaper than ever. And with Brad finding that less than 10% of CEO’s, startups and entrepreneurs are aware of these techniques, there is an opportunity to outsmart the competition with an unfair advantage by getting work done faster, cheaper and smarter.

Brad leads the audience through a high energy, entertaining journey of how he came to integrate these techniques in building his own companies by sharing real case studies with actionable takeaways. As an award winning and published thought leader on the topic of leverage through innovative growth, virtual on-demand workforces, and unique tools, he leaves the audience with a feeling of excitement and the confidence to implement these tactics in starting or growing their own business.

Workshop Version (3 hours)

Brad takes the Leading with Leverage message into more detail and creates a dynamic workshop version where attendees take the concepts and apply them directly into their own business.

Attendees are broken into small groups facilitated by worksheets and Brad’s direction to create an action plan of very specific items they will begin outsourcing in their company to save money and time based on case studies presented by Brad. They are also supported in determining specific action dates and identifying an accountability partner.

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What Others Are Saying

“I’ll tell you, it blew me away because all the things he talked about are all the challenges that we’re looking at right now as a growing company. And he just really nailed it, hit it out of the park and gave us the resources we needed to answer our questions”

– Ples Bruce, Founder, Venture Head

“Brad, my business partner and I loved your presentation! It was one of the best I’ve attended in regards to actionable information provided. I have spent most of my time since then implementing the strategies you shared with us.”

– Lauren S. , CEO, LD Studios

“Wow. Brad Stevens just shared some great knowledge. As a business owner I think I know a lot and then I experience a presentation like this and I really get far more motivated about growing my own business and how to scale it.”

– Fred Spring, CEO, 98toGo

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