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We Have a 99% Retention Rate on This Series. Why?

Every day there are incredible new software programs, services or apps coming on the market that could be a game changer in your business to generate more leads, convert more sales, save time or save money. Think when you first learned about Slack, Uber, Fiverr, Basecamp, Upwork, and other game changing technologies.

But who has the time to keep on the look out for these tools or time to evaluate them once you find one?

We do because it’s our job to know the latest tools for our Clients to stay ahead of the curve. Here’s just a few examples:

  • A cyber spying program that will uncover your competitor’s entire online markeitng strategy including their exact Google Ads and the ability to download all of their keywords
  • A mobile app that can send out automated handwritten letters by US Mail to your leads
  • An online platform that will manage your LinkedIn account with a few simple strokes
  • A software that seamlessly translates Google Analytics reports into plain English
  • A website tool to track your visitors’ exact mouse movements, clicks, and scrolls during each visit on desktop and mobile

We are addicted to finding the latest tools on the market.  Our team is constantly researching the web and interviewing business owners nationwide to learn what they are using to be successful.

Welcome to the Entreholic Addictive Tools Series to Fuel Your Business Growth

  • We have a 99% retention rate on the series because people love having the latest tools delivered to them weekly
  • They are very unique tools you’ve likely never heard of before
  • We only highlight one tool and we only send it once per week so you have time to digest before the next one
  • The format is short and consistent so you can quickly scan it

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If your company has a unique tool or program, let us know and we’ll review it to be included in the series!